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Vijaya Nandasiri
DiedAugust 8, 2016 (aged 69)
Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Kalubowila
Cause of deathCardiac arrest
NationalitySri Lankan
OccupationActor, director, producer, singer
Years active1966–2016
Spouse(s)Devika Mihirani

Ilukpitiya Mudiyanselage Vijaya Nandasiri (6 May 1947 – 8 August 2016)[1] was a Sri Lankan dramatist and actor.[2] Considered a leading dramatist in Sri Lankan cinema, he was also a singer and producer.[3]

He had a varied career beginning in theater and extending into film as a dramatic actor; his most recent roles were steeped in comedy and include credits in Sinhala sitcoms like Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni, Ethuma, Yes Boss and Kathura.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Born in 1937 in a family of three,[3] Nandasiri attended the Vidyakara Vidyalaya in Maharagama. He became interested in acting during his tenure there, and made his theater debut in 1966 in the stage drama Vidura-Diva produced by Amaradasa Gunawardena for the State Drama Festival. He first came to prominence from the movie Ran Kenda. He next obtained a role in Naribena, Jasaya saha Lenchina made by veteran drama producer Dayananda Gunawardena, who personally invited Nandasiri to become part of the cast.[5]

Theater work[edit]

Nandasiri was briefly a catering officer at the Katunayake Airport in the late-'60s as his acting career developed. His debut was in 1966, in Vuduru Diva by Amaradasa Jayathunga. He subsequently played in many stage dramas including Bakmaha Akunu by Dayananda Gunawardena, Thahanchi and Baka Thapas by Sathischandra Edirisinghe, Kontharaya, Wahalak Nathi Geyak and Sarade Sina by Prema Ranjith Thilakarathna and Bedde Goranaduwa by Ananda S. Wijesiri.[6]

After Ran Kanda, Nandasiri was on demand, and starred in the or plays Subha Saha Yasa, Nariya Saha Keju Kella, Ekadipathi, Tharawo Egilethi, Rookada Raajje, Ran Kada, Sellam Badu Nowei,[7] Kuweni and Hunuwataye Kathawa among others. Over the next years he played the character of king Maname in Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra's Maname more than 1000 times, and appeared in Singha Bhahu, Mahasara and Ratnawalee. Nandasiri finally achieved fame in 1971 in the play Ran Kanda.[5] In all, he has done over 40 plays staged island-wide.[5]

As a dramatist, he has helmed several successful plays. These include Vrushaba Raja,[8] and Kusa Pabawathie.[5]

When he reached 46th anniversary as an actor in 2012, he celebrated his personal milestone by organizing Wijayanandaya' film festival from 20–25 March 2012 at John de Silva Theatre performing his most popular stage dramas.[3]

Nandasiri simultaneously worked in all three aspects of cinema evenly. In last years, he worked on stage dramas like Malwadam Anawashyai,[9] and Balloth ekka ba.[10] He was working on with comedy drama Aluth horek one of Ajith Mendis at the Wayambe provincial council auditorium, Kurunegala, where he got sick next day and died.[11]


In 1976, Nandasiri met K.A.W. Perera while staging T. B. Ilangaratne's Shailasanaya ශිලාසනය. Perera gave him his first film role in the movie Nedayo නෑදෑයෝ The character was a blind person(the song Sanasum Susuman Pavila සැනසුම් සුසුමන් පාවීලා is still a popular song among people as his starring in the scene was absolutely realistic), he has had roles in such films as Yasa Isuru, Sandakada Pahana, Bengali Walalu, Sasara and Rail Para.[5][12] He won The Best Actor award for his role of the match maker in Sikuru Hathe and later in 2011 as the Best Comedian for King Hunther.[13]

  • No. denotes the Number of Sri Lankan film in the Sri Lankan cinema.[14]
Year No. Film Role
1973 269 Mathara Aachchi Police Officer
1974 300 Wasthuwa
1976 334 Thilaka Ha Thilaka
354 Mangala
357 Nedayo Mahinda Gunarathne
1977 379 Tom Pachaya Dancer
1978 392 Siri Pathula Athula
405 Sasara Upali Rankatiya
1979 410 Samanmali Asanka
411 Gahaniyak Prosecutor
416 Higana Kolla Ronald Jayarathne
1980 464 Sabeetha
469 Kinduru Kumari Thilak
461 Mage Amma
1981 483 Eka Dawasak Ra Inspector Ranawaka
487 Amme Mata Samawenna Rohana
500 Bangali Walalu Kapila
1982 511 Yasa Isuru Ajith Wickramasinghe
525 Wathura Karaththaya
540 Rail Para
1983 544 Ran Mini Muthu
566 Sister Mary Siripala
571 Monara Thanna 2
1984 599 Hadawathaka Wedana
604 Ranmalige Wasanawa Chandana / Senaka
1985 615 Chalitha Rangali
621 Aya Waradida Oba Kiyanna
627 Sudu Mama
628 Du Daruwo
1988 675 Sandakada Pahana Priyantha
1989 686 Badulu Kochchiya
1990 708 Jaya Kothanada
712 Christhu Charithaya Shadipathiya
1994 801 Dhawala Pushpaya Pathirana
816 Vijaya Geetha Shelterer
2002 977 Pissu Double Wickie
985 Bahubuthayo Drunken god
2003 1011 Pissu Trible Sakalasuriya 'Mudalali'
1010 Taxi Driver
2004 1035 Left Right Sir Pinto
1037 Ohoma Harida Namali's father
2005 1054 Samanala Thatu Doctor
2006 1084 Ran Kevita Suran's father
2007 1092 Sikuru Hathe Mangala Jaya
1115 Ai Oba Thaniwela
2009 1122 Sir Last Chance Detective Sir Last Chance
2010 1136 Kshema Bhoomi
1137 Mago Digo Dai Sargent C.K Perera / Mago
2011 1158 King Hunther King Hunther / Ahethuka
1165 Ethumai Methumai Minister
2012 1168 Sakvithi Dadayama Maxim
2013 - It's A Matter of Love [15]
2014 1217 Ko Mark No Mark Mark / Minister Palutupana
2015 1237 Suhada Koka Minister Rajamanthri
2016 1264 64 Mayam Soysa. Posthumous release
TBD Breaking News Posthumous release
TBD Ela Dabala Benny / Bonny. Posthumous release[16]


Nandasiri's early television credits include Perera's Gamana and Pramada Wedei. He was later a producer of the teledrama Humalaya. He won the Award for the Best Comedian for his role in Sikka.

He became famous as a comedy actor with the character of "Gunadasa Premachandra" in the teledrama "Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni" and later through Yes Boss as "Senarath Dunusinghe".[5] He was also acted in numerous teledramas like Ethuma, Methuma, Kawda Bole Ethuma 1,Kekiri, Kathura, Yes Madam, Class Sinhala Class as "Chaminda Sir", Satakapata, Hathare Kanuwa, Bhagya.[17] He also hosted children's quiz program Punchi Pahe Man which was telecasted on Sirasa TV.

Personal life[edit]

Nandasiri's wife is actress Devika Mihirani,[18] who herself holds the record to be the main actress in Sri Lanka's first ever tele-drama, Dimuthu Muthu.[19][20] Their first encounter was at Sudarshi Visual Arts Center, where Mihirani studied for dancing. Nandasiri was the one who invited Mihirani for the drama Subha Saha Yasa in 1974.[21] They have two children, Navanjana and Rasanjana Suchitra.[5] His daughter lives in Australia and son in America.[22] Navanjana was born on 13 November 1989.[23] Navanjana is married to businessman Chaminda Gunaratne and they married on 28 December 2012 in Hilton Hotel, Colombo.[24]

His son Rasanjana started to continue his father's legacy by making mark in stage dramas, where his father previously acted.[25]

Illness and Death[edit]

Nandasiri was suffering from Diabetes over a long period of time, suffered by a wound on his leg. Due to severe infection, the leg was amputated and from that point, he was using an artificial leg.[11]

On 8 August 2016, Nandasiri died while being taken to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital after suffering from a cardiac arrest.[26][27][28]


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