Vijayabahu III of Dambadeniya

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Vijayabahu III
King of Dambadeniya
Reign 1220 - 1224
Predecessor Kingdom Established
Successor Parakkamabahu II
Issue Parakkamabahu II
House House of Siri Sanga Bo

Vijayabahu III was the first King of Dambadeniya in the century, who ruled from 1220 to 1224. He was a member of the Sinhala Royal Family who began the Siri Sanga Bo dynasty, he was succeeded by his son Parakkamabahu II.

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Vijayabahu III of Dambadeniya
Born: ? ? Died: ? ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Kalinga Maghaas King of Polonnaruwa
King of Dambadeniya
Succeeded by
Parakkamabahu II