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Vijayanarayanam is a community in South India. It has 11564 inhabitants according to the 2001 census.

Vijayanarayanam Navy Transmitter[edit]

At Vijayanarayanam, there is at 8°23'14"N 77°45'6"E the INS Kattabomman facility of the Indian Navy, which is used to transmit orders to submerged submarines on 18.2 kHz under the callsign VTX3. It uses an antenna system consisting of 13 antenna masts. Around a central mast, there are two circles on which are each 6 masts. The mast heights are 276.45 metres and 227.45 metres [1].

Coordinates: 8°23′14″N 77°45′6″E / 8.38722°N 77.75167°E / 8.38722; 77.75167