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Vik Singh is the CEO and co-founder of Infer, a leading predictive sales and marketing platform. Vik was previously an American Entrepreneur In Residence at Sutter Hill Ventures.[1] Previously, Vik helped create and architect Yahoo! Search BOSS, an open web search platform. As of April 2009, the number of queries issued through BOSS surpassed the search traffic on Ask and Facebook combined.[2]

He developed several supporting BOSS examples such as TweetNews, which Wired (magazine) said "might well be the best mashup we've ever seen",[3] and the Fresh homepage for Delicious (website).[4] MIT's Technology Review listed him as one of the Top 35 under 35 Innovators of 2009 for his contributions to open search.[5] He was also featured in the IC list of 2009 by India Currents.[6]

Vik Singh previously worked at Google and Microsoft, both in research and products, helping ship Google Custom Search and Microsoft Windows XPSP2 Wireless Networking. While an undergraduate in college, he worked at Microsoft Research under Jim Gray, a Turing Award Winner for his seminal databases work, co-authoring a publication on data mining the Sloan Digital Sky Survey logs.[7] He has filed 13 patents. Vik graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor's in Computer Science.


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