Vika, Oslo

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Dronning Mauds gate

Vika is a neighborhood in the boroughs Sentrum and Majorstuen in Oslo, Norway. It is located between the Oslofjord, Aker Brygge, Pipervika, Slottsparken and Oslo City Hall.

The area is dominated by public institutions, such as the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo City Hall and the Embassy of the United States in Oslo. There are also a number of cultural institutions, such as the Nobel Peace Center and Oslo Concert Hall. It also was the location of the former Western Railway Station. The Vika Line of the Oslo Tramway runs through the area.

Coordinates: 59°54′41″N 10°43′53″E / 59.9114°N 10.7314°E / 59.9114; 10.7314