Vikas Vidyalaya

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Vikas Vidyalaya
Ranchi, Jharkhand
Type Private
Motto तमसोमा ज्योतिर् गमया
(From darkness, lead me to light)
Established 1952
Principal Mr. P.S.Kalra
Faculty approx 55
Gender Boys & Girls
Age 8 to 17
Number of students approx 1200
Campus 200 acres (81 ha)
Colour(s) Grey      and White     
Publication Vikas Vani Monthly
Affiliations Permanently Affiliated to CBSE, Member IPSC, ISO certified
Former pupils Vikasians

Established in 1952 by Manav Vikas Trust, Kolkata, India, Vikas Vidyalaya is a boarding school providing education for boys and girls. The school was inaugurated by president of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1952.

Spread over an area of 220 acres (90 ha), the school is situated on the RanchiPatna Highway 15 km (9 mi) from the railway station, 35 km (22 mi) from Ramgarh railway station and 20 km (12 mi) from the airport. It is in the outskirts of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.

More than 50 acres (20 ha) are occupied by the school complex consisting of a three-storey academic block, science laboratories, workshops, hobby centres, library and art block, four boarding houses, temple, gymnasium hall/auditorium, swimming pool, rifle shooting range, an open-air theatre, and central dining hall.

Open Air Theater in Vikas Vidyalaya.

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi, for All India Secondary School and Senior School Certificate Examinations. It has classes from IV to XII. The school is governed by its Board of Governors whose Chairman is Mr Chandra Shekhar Nopany. The principal is Mr PS Kalra.

Organization and administration[edit]

List of members of School Managing Committee with their address/tenure and post held.


Last Sunday of Every year in the month of February an entrance exam is conducted by the school for entry to class IV & VIII followed by personal interview and Medical. Interview is just to know how comfortable you are with strangers. The interview is conducted only to the selected candidate in the written test.


Many renowned faculty members retired in past five years who had experience of 40+ years teaching experience and they served all 40 years in Vikas Vidyalaya only. Some of the faculty of our time were Mr. P.K.Roy,Mr. M.K.Mehta,Mr.Shiv Kumar Jha,Mr. U.K.Srivastava,Mrs. Rina Rani, Mrs. J.Khalko, Mr.Avinash Sharan, Mr. Ram(sports teacher) etc. Some of the present faculty mentioned here are :-

  • Mrs. Avantika Shaq = HOD,Dept.of English, experience in Vikas vidyalaya is of 20+ years
  • Mr. B.N.Pandey = HOD, Dept. of Mathematics, experience of 32+ years in Vikas Vidyalaya
  • Dr. Diwakar Dubey = HOD, Dept. of Hindi & Sanskrit, experience of 20+ years in Vikas vidyalaya
  • Mr. Sunil Kumar Jha = HOD, Dept. of Physics, experience of 30+ years in Vikas vidyalaya
  • Mr. S.K.Satua = HOD, Dept. of Chemistry,experience of 15+ years in Vikas vidyalaya
  • Mr. G.Dash = HOD, Dept. of Social Science, experience of 15+years in Vikas vidyalaya
  • Mrs. Bibha Jha = HOD, Dept. of Biology, experience of 3+ years in Vikas Vidyalaya
  • Mr. S.K.Kejriwal = HOD, Dept. of Economics, experience of 3+ years in Vikas vidyalaya
  • Mrs. Susarla Gouri = Head Librarian

Mrs.Barkha Rani = Department Of Physics

Boarding houses[edit]

There are four hostels – Sarojini Naidu (Girl's Hostel), Abhimanyu, Bharat & Shivaji(Boy's Hostels), Each hostel is under the charge of a three Housemaster. There is a Hostel Superintendent in every Hostel who assists the housemasters in looking after the student's line, general cleanliness, etc. Each hostel has prefects and vice-prefects selected from among the students.

Other facilities[edit]

  • Temple - The temple in the campus is just in front of the academic building and around 100mts.from the school's main gate. After school assembly the seniors from class VII to XII visits the temple and the juniors from Class IV to VI visits before the breakfast.The mantra 'tomey o mata, cha pita 'tomey O' is chanted and the Pandit ji hands the prasad to the captains who distributes the 'prasad' while students walk to their destination.
  • CDH - There is a CDH (Central Dining Hall) where 600 students take their meal at a time. The Hall is lashed with all type of latest amenities. The campus is pure vegetarian, before 2008 the use of onions and garlic too was banned in the food. The cooks of the hostel are the people who serves the food not less than out home. All the cooks are from Rajasthan and we call them 'maharaj'. They serve us almost all the menus that we wish.The menu of the CDH is changed every week and to talk over the menu our college doctor, principal and prefects of all hostels sits in the meeting.
  • Tuck Shop - The tuck shop provide all kind of things that we require for our use from stationary to edibles. Students don't pay cash for the bills rather the bills are adjusted in the fees.
  • OAT - The school have OAT(open air theater) where numerous programmes are conducted like the Annual Day, shivratri, Hostel nights etc. Especially those events which fall in the months of October, November, February and March. The rest of the events are conducted in the school auditorium which has capacity of 1000 seats leaving behind the VIPs seats.
  • Orchards - Behind every faculty quarter and Hostel have an orchard. The orchard have plants like guava, mango, litchi, jack fruit, peach and chikoo.
  • Garden - In front of every quarter and hostel there is garden to sit and relax. The garden in front of the hostel makes look the hostel very beautiful.
  • Fountains - In front of the academic block there are two fountains which makes the area look beautiful. The 'champa' tree in the entire Vikas vidyalaya's road makes the school looks very beautiful.
  • Shooting Range - The school has large shooting range where students are taught shooting.All modern equipment are present with the school.
  • Horse Stable - The school teaches horse riding and so it has the horse stable in its promises only.

Sports in Vikas[edit]

A rugby game in progress on the Main Field.

The school have allowed 1.3 hours of games time. Almost all the games are played in Vikas. Also there are a lot of sports events to keep the students in competitive mood always and inculcate good discipline in the society and school. School colors are also issued every year to those students who are exceptional in particular game or sport. The games are played by groups that are divided. So the entire games are played everyday and everybody gets chance to play the games. Vikas have grounds more than the total intake annually. Teachers and House Masters also play with the students and teach them necessary skills. The school team goes outside to participate in almost all the sports. The students participate in zonal level,IPS,CBe clusters etc.. Students of Vikas have made the school proud by their great achievements while staying in the campus also,let it be academics or sports.

Main Field which is equivalent to two football grounds.
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Cricket- Played only during winters but net practice is done in the morning from 5:30 to 6:30 throughout the year.
  • Kho-Kho
  • Swimming- Only on Sundays
  • Handball
  • Athletics- This takes place annually in the main ground on the standard tracks that fulfills all the criteria of a running track.
  • Rugby- Played during rainy season. The owner of the school comes to witness the final of Rugby every year.
  • Boxing- Boxing is also played on the standard ring that is set in the school.

Vikas Preparatory School[edit]

Educating the Underprivileged of Ormanji.

There is another unit for tiny tots known as ‘Vikas Preparatory School’ in the school premises where the local children study, the children of underprivileged family of Ormanji. It is an English Medium School from Nursery to Standard III. The School is run by female spouse of teachers of Vikas.

Notable alumni[edit]


Temple where students offer prayers every morning.
PT competition every year
NCC Air force wing
NCC Army wing of school
NCC Naval Wing of school
The shooting range is in large area and it is lush green
The school gym is art-of-state
self study facility in hostel room
Tennis is taught by highly qualified trainer
self service of food is taught so that the wastage is reduced
One of the pic of the cultural that is held timely in the auditorium
after we get tire we come here