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Coordinates: 58°31′57″N 16°40′13″E / 58.53250°N 16.67028°E / 58.53250; 16.67028 Vikbolandet is a large peninsula east of Norrköping city in Östergötland, Sweden. The area is limited by Bråviken to the north, Slätbaken to the south and the Baltic sea to the east. The biggest population center is Östra Husby with a population of 788, followed by Ljunga (pop 643) and Arkösund (pop 149) on the baltic sea coast at the far east of the peninsula.[citation needed]

The areas to the west (towards Norrköping city) is mostly flat farmland while the areas to the east is mostly wooded with intermixed farmland. Ferries run across Bråviken north to Kolmården and south across Slätbaken.

During 2006 census, the whole area had a population of 6,751.[1]

Famous residents[edit]


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