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Viking Quest is a fictional TV show within a show in the TV series Entourage. It is referred to both by fictional characters and celebrities playing versions of themselves as a real show, and this conceit has been extended to promotional videos and a Flash game involving its star, Johnny Drama, outside of the show.

Within the Entourage universe, Viking Quest is presented as a cult science fiction[1] and fantasy[2] show with echoes of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Within the show[edit]

In the television show Entourage, Viking Quest aired in 1997 on the Sci-Fi channel.[3] The complete series was later released on DVD.[4][5] The show seems to have developed something of a cult following,[6] and is especially popular in France.[7][8] In 2008, Viking Quest was re-released as a Special Edition DVD and promoted with a video game.[9]

The show's tagline is "From the past... comes a warrior of the future."[10]



Johnny "Drama" Chase at San Diego Comic-Con International.

The show featured Johnny "Drama" Chase as the lead character, Tarvold. Tarvold has a signature exclamation, "VICTORY!!!".[11][12]

Tarvold hails from Northumbria.[11] His ship is called the Gokstad (a reference to the Gokstad ship).[13]


Vanessa Angel appeared as Angel in three episodes of Viking Quest. She then went on to star in a spin-off series called Angel Quest, which ran "5 times longer" than Viking Quest.[14] This is a sly reference to the fact that in real life Vanessa Angel was originally cast as Xena in a three-episode arc for the television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She dropped out; the part of Xena went to Lucy Lawless; and the subsequent spin-off series Xena: Warrior Princess went on to significantly eclipse its predecessor, both critically and commercially.


Set during the mid-10th century AD in the Orkney Islands, Viking Quest follows the exploits of Viking hero, Tarvold, as he and his clan sail the high seas. A legend in the making, Tarvold had become one of the most feared and notorious Vikings scarcely a year after he had grown his beard. It was then that he dared to steal the gold of Vali, Norse God of Revenge. His childhood friend and nemesis, Thorfinn Skull-Splitter, betrayed him and Tarvold was caught stealing the gold. As retribution for his deed, Tarvold was forced to loot and plunder in Vali's name. As he sailed the high seas doing Vali's bidding, Tarvold had to stay one step ahead of Thorfinn who constantly attempted to thwart Tarvold's progress and steal the treasure that he needed to repay his debt to Vali.


Viking Quest ran for one season of 22 episodes.[15] In episode 9, "The Thawing", Tarvold is frozen for 30 years, and when he wakes up, his wife is remarried.[16]

In real life[edit]

Online game[edit]

In September 2008, HBO and Fuel Industries[17] produced a Viking Quest game website as part of a marketing campaign for the 5th season of Entourage.[18] The site features a Flash game, and claims that a Viking Quest game is coming soon to consoles. It also claims that the show is being re-released on DVD.[19]

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