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'Viking clapping' of Iceland fans

The Viking Thunder Clap or Viking Clap is a football chant performed with a loud shout and a clap. The chant has been performed by fans of a number of clubs, but came to prominence during the UEFA Euro 2016, when fans of Iceland national team introduced their 'viking clap' or 'volcano clap' with a 'huh' chant.

During 2018 FIFA World Cup where Iceland was one of the participating teams, the clap once again drew attention.[1] The Viking Thunder Clap has been adopted by fans of many countries worldwide.[2]


The chant may have been inspired by the film 300 released in 2006.[3] Some believed the chant was first used by fans of Scottish club Motherwell F.C., while others suggest it had been performed by fans of the French club Lens more than two decades prior.[4] Fans of the Greek side PAOK have also chanted "PAOK" on the clap of hands since the mid 1990s.[5] The version by Motherwell fans was passed on to the Icelandic fans when Motherwell faced Icelandic team Stjarnan in a Europa League game in 2014,[6] and Icelandic fans then used it for the Iceland national team. During the UEFA Euro 2016, Iceland performed unexpectedly well and reached the quarter-finals, and the performance of the chant by their fans drew the attention of other European fans, who then also performed the chant.[7] It has since been adopted by fans in many countries worldwide.[2]

Other teams[edit]

India national team celebrating their win with the fans choreographing the viking claps during 2019 AFC Asian Cup.

Fans of the following teams regularly perform versions of the viking clap:


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