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Vikki Dougan with actor Lance Fuller, 1950s

Vikki Dougan (born 1929) is a model and actress. She is most famous for appearing at social events in a series of daring low-cut backless dresses throughout the 1950s.

Dougan began modeling at age eleven. She made for herself a successful career in modeling before gaining her first movie role in Back from Eternity as an uncredited showgirl. She gained small parts in another nine movies.

In 1953 publicity man Milton Weiss had the idea of promoting Vikki using the backless dresses to garner publicity. The idea was to gain a contrast with the fashion for models and actresses with large bosoms, such as Jayne Mansfield. Throughout the 1950s she scandalized more respectable Hollywood society with her appearances in her daring backless dresses.[1]

In 1953 photographer Ralph Crane photographed her extensively for Life Magazine. Their edition of October 26 featured her on the cover.

In June 1957 Dougan appeared in the (Vol. 4, Issue 6) edition of Playboy magazine. She featured again in the December 1962 issue, under the section "Playboy's Other Girlfriends".

1961 her appearances in her backless dresses became celebrated in an eponymous song by The Limeliters.[2] It appears on the album, The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters.

In January 1964 Cavalier magazine featured twelve nude photographs of Vikki Dougan in a pictorial entitled "The Back is Back". Dougan brought a lawsuit against the magazine, stating that the magazine did not have permission to publish them. The photographs had been posed for Playboy but Dougan had subsequently declined to let Playboy publish the photographs.[citation needed]

Throughout the 1960s she dated a string of prominent Hollywood men, including Frank Sinatra.[3]

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