Viktor Kingissepp

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This article is about the person. For the city in Russia, see Kingisepp.
Viktor Kingissepp

Viktor Kingissepp (24 March [O.S. 12 March] 1888 in Kaarma, Saaremaa – 4 May 1922 in Tallinn) was an Estonian communist politician, the leader of the Estonian Communist Party.

He was arrested by the Estonian Political Police on 1 May 1922 and executed for treason shortly afterwards.


The Soviet Russian government renamed the town of Yamburg to "Kingisepp" in his honour. During the period of Soviet rule of Estonia after World War II the town of Kuressaare was similarly renamed to "Kingissepa" in 1952 (the original name was restored in 1988).

Many Estonian towns had its own Viktor Kingissepa Street during the Soviet era.[1]


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