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Viktor Petrovich Savinykh/Виктор Петрович Савиных
Viktor Petrovich Savinykh .jpg
Born (1940-03-07) 7 March 1940 (age 82)
NationalitySoviet / Russian
OccupationFlight engineer
AwardsHero of the Soviet Union (twice)
Space career
Time in space
196d 16h 59m
Selection1978 Intercosmos Group
MissionsSoyuz T-4, Soyuz T-13 / Soyuz T-14, Mir EP-2 (Soyuz TM-5 / Soyuz TM-4)

Viktor Petrovich Savinykh was born in Berezkiny, Kirov Oblast, Russian SFSR on 7 March 1940. Married with one child. Selected as a cosmonaut on 1 December 1978. Retired on 9 February 1989.

Flew as Flight Engineer on Soyuz T-4, Soyuz T-13 and Soyuz TM-5.

Has spent 252 days 17 hours 38 minutes in space.

Viktor Savinykh - the author of the book Notes from a Dead Station (Савиных В. П. Записки с мертвой станции. — М.: ИД «Системы Алиса», 1999. - 88 c.) (ISBN 5-901135-01-6). (The book is dedicated to the restoration of control in 1985 over the Salyut 7 space orbital station).

Honours and awards[edit]

1st class (27 February 2020)
2nd class (6 March 2000) - for outstanding achievements in scientific research and a great contribution to the preparation of highly qualified personnel
3rd class (11 November 1994) - a great service to the people associated with the development of Russian statehood, the achievements in labor, science, culture, arts, strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples
4th class (12 December 2010) - for services to education, science and a great contribution to the training of qualified specialists
Viktor Savinykh in 2017.

In 2007, a monument at the Tsiolkovsky, Air and Space Museum, Kirov.

Honorary citizen of Kaluga, Perm, Kirov, Dzhezkazgan (Kazakhstan), Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan (Mongolia)

Honorary Citizen of the Kirov region.

In 2005, minor planet 6890, was named after Savinykh.


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