Viktor Schauman

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Viktor Schauman
Born 1822
Jakobstad, Finland
Died (1872-02-03)3 February 1872
Vaasa, Finland
Occupation pharmacist
Spouse(s) Elise Wilhelmina (née Ekelund)

Viktor Schauman (born 1822, dead 3 February 1872) was a pharmacist and notable business person and politician from Jakobstad, Finland. He was married to Elise Wilhelmina Schauman and was the father of the industrialist Wilhelm Schauman and Ossian Schauman, who later created the health organization Folkhälsan.

In 1845 he bought the Jakobstads Tobaksspinneri tobacco company together with the businessman Philip Ulric Strengberg, renaming it into "Ph. U. Strengberg & Co Tobaks-Fabrik".

He was greatly interested in gardening and the botanical garden of Jakobstad, the so-called Skolparken was created in his and his wife's memory.


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