Vila Madalena (São Paulo Metro)

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São Paulo Metro logo.png Vila Madalena
Alstom A96 - Frente Estação Vila Madalena - Chegando.jpg
Train stopping on the Vila Madalena Station
Coordinates 23°32′47″S 46°41′27″W / 23.546513°S 46.69083°W / -23.546513; -46.69083Coordinates: 23°32′47″S 46°41′27″W / 23.546513°S 46.69083°W / -23.546513; -46.69083
Platforms Side platforms
Connections Access to SPTrans and EMTU Bus Lines
Structure type underground
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code VMD
Opened November 21, 1998
Preceding station   São Paulo Metro   Following station
Terminus Line 2

Vila Madalena is a station on Line 2 (Green) of the São Paulo Metro and is the current[when?] terminus.[1]

SPTrans lines[edit]

The following SPTrans bus lines can be accessed. Passengers may use a Bilhete Único card for transfer:

Line Destination
N208/11 Term. Casa Verde
701A/10 Parque Edu Chaves
7725/10 Rio Pequeno
7725/21 USP (Semi- Express)
8047/41 Jaraguá
N838/11 CPTM Leopoldina

EMTU lines[edit]

The following EMTU bus lines can be accessed:

Line Destination
138 OSASCO (Munhóz Júnior)
PONTE ORCA Cidade Universitária Station


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