Vileshchay reservoir

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Vileshchay Dam
Official name Vileshchay Dam
Country Azerbaijan
Location Masally District
Coordinates 39°00′14″N 48°35′27″E / 39.00389°N 48.59083°E / 39.00389; 48.59083Coordinates: 39°00′14″N 48°35′27″E / 39.00389°N 48.59083°E / 39.00389; 48.59083
Purpose recreation
Opening date 1986
Dam and spillways
Impounds Vileshchay River
Creates Vileshchay Dam Reservoir
Total capacity 46 000 000 m³

Vileshchay Reservoir is a reservoir created by flows of Vilesh river. It is located in Masally Rayon of Azerbaijan.

The reservoir's volume is 46 million m3 and is a major attraction for tourists and therefore becoming a place of many hotels and resorts.[1][2] The height of the dam is 37 meters and the overall horizontal length is 3.2 km. The government of the region will be increasing the height of the dam by 15 meters with a new construction which is going to increase the volume to 130 million m3.[3]