Vilho Rättö

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"Rättö" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Ratto.
Knights of the Mannerheim Cross, from left to right: Captain Eero Kivelä, Major General Aaro Pajari, Captain Juho Pössi, Corporal Vilho Rättö

Vilho Rättö (March 10, 1913 in Kanneljärvi – January 21, 2002 in Anjalankoski) was a Finnish Knight of the Mannerheim Cross, in civilian life a driver and an industrial worker.

Private Rättö was the fourth Knight of the Mannerheim Cross, and the first Private to be awarded the high decoration. Then, he was an anti-tank gun gunner in (infantry regiment) JR 27. The stated reason for this award was the capture of an enemy anti-tank gun and destroying four enemy tanks with it, as well as his valiant actions and resourcefulness in the battle.

Later, he was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant (ylikersantti) in the reserve.