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Vilmos "Vili" Milisits (born around 1945) is an Australian pastry chef and businessman of Hungarian origin, noted for the businesses Vili's Pies and Vili's Café (also known as the "Café de Vili's") in Adelaide.


The Milisits family escaped the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and migrated to Adelaide, South Australia. Their first home was a modest place in Carrington Street in the city. Vili left school aged 14 to work at Kazzy's Cake Shop in Burnside, run by fellow countryman Kazzy Ujvari. After completing his apprenticeship he ventured to open his own Continental cake shop using rented equipment and employing his fiancée, Rosemary and his sister, as he was unable to secure a bank loan. (His sister later opened her own patisserie, "Olga's Cakes", in Leigh Street, city). Around 1965 he purchased a home at 14 Manchester Street, Mile End, which doubled as a bakery.[1]

In 1978 Vili expanded his range to include Australian-style pies and pasties, but with pastry and spices more to his own taste. Business steadily grew and he now owns much of the property along Manchester Street and has 200 employees in Adelaide, and has expanded interstate.[1]

Vilis Café[edit]

Vili's Café, on Manchester Street, Mile End, is a restaurant where any of the bakery's range may be purchased for consumption or to take away. There is also a range of simple meals and alcoholic beverages available at sensible prices to be served at the tables.

One of the few places in Adelaide where Adelaide's traditional pie floater is still served, the café is open 24 hours, every day of the year and attracts a large cross-section of Adelaide's population. It is popularly known as the "Café de Vilis", a punning reference to Harry's Cafe de Wheels of Sydney.


Vili married Rosemary, and they have two children, Simon and Alison, who are involved in the business.

Vili is a keen fisherman, and participates in many social activities. He is a supporter of a large number of local charities as well as sporting groups both amateur and professional. The walls of Vilis Café are proudly adorned with mementoes from some of these organizations.


In 2005 Vili and Rosemary were jointly awarded an OAM in recognition of their charity work.[1][2]


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