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Bishops Judák Coat of Arms.

Viliam Judák (9 November 1959) is the Diocesan Bishop of Nitra, Slovakia.[1][2][3] He was a priest in Nitra, where he gained a Phd in 1991, and was then was seminary rector of St. Gorazd in Nitra (1996–2001) and then Dean of Comenius University in Bratislava (2001–2004). He is an academic with specialties in Christian antiquity and the medieval Slovak church history and is the author of several monographs in the field of church history, and many books, articles and publications. He speaks German and Italian.

He was ordained on 16 June 1985 in Nitra, and made Bishop by Pope Benedict XVI on 9 June 2005.[4] Since 2006, he has been the Vice-President of the Slovak Bishops' Conference.[5] Within the KBS he also acts as chairman of the Commission for the Clergy, Subcommittee for the permanent diaconate, music Subcommittee liturgical Commission and the Council to history.[6]

He was awarded the Matica Slovakia[7]

Literary works[edit]

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  • Judák, William, et al., Nitra Castle and Cathedral – Basilica of St. Emeráma. Illustration photo: Matej Plekanec, Vladimir Plekanec, Joseph Medvecký. (Nitra Bishop's Office, 2012). ISBN 9788097105754


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