Viliami Tungī Mailefihi

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Prince Viliami Tungī Mailefihi
Tungī and Sālote.jpg
Prince Viliami and his wife Queen Salote
Prince Consort of Tonga
Tenure 5 April 1918 – 20 July 1941
7th Premier of Tonga
In office 30 June 1923 - 20 July 1941
Monarch Queen Salote Tupou III
Predecessor Hon. Tevita Tuʻivakano
Successor Hon. Solomone Ula Ata
Born (1887-11-01)1 November 1887
Died 20 July 1941(1941-07-20) (aged 53)
Burial Mala‘e Kula
Spouse Queen Salote Tupou III of Tonga
Issue King Tāufaʻāhau Tupou IV of Tonga
Prince Uiliami Tuku‘aho
Prince Fatafehi Tu'ipelehake
House House of Tupou
Father Hon. Siaosi Tukuʻaho, 3rd Premier of Tonga
Mother Hon. Mele Siuʻilikutapu
Religion Methodism

Viliami Tungī Mailefihi (1 November 1887 — 20 July 1941) was a Tongan chief and consort of Queen Sālote Tupou III. He served as Prime Minister of Tonga from 1923 until his death.


The Tupou family around 1930; centre: Tungī and Sālote; left & front: their 3 sons; right: Fusipala

He was the son of Siaosi Tukuʻaho (also see: Lakalaka), who served as Prime Minister of Tonga from to 1890 to 1893. Tungī's grandfather was Tungī Halatuituia. The line of Tungī chiefs from Tatakamotonga was descended from the then defunct Tuʻi Haʻatakalaua which in that time was more or less seen as an associate of the Tuʻi Tonga. As such they had the following from the people of Muʻa if not from the whole Hahake district. Concerning his mother's side, Mele Siuʻilikutapu, she was the granddaughter of the Tuʻi Vavaʻu: Fīnau ʻUlukālala (III, Tuapasi). As the nephew of the childless King Siaosi Tupou II he was Crown Prince of a Tonga until the birth of the king's first child, Sālote, his future wife. In 1911 he represented the Tongan king at the coronation of King George V in London.[1]

Tungī was educated at Tupou College, Tonga and Newington College, Sydney, commencing in 1896, aged nine. He was one of seven Tongan nobles to attend Newington at the time.[2] He was a follower of the Methodist Church.

He was selected by King Siaosi Tupou II to marry his oldest daughter and heir, Sālote, even though she was 12.5 years younger than he. The wedding took place on 19 September (Christian ceremony) and 21 September (Tongan ceremony, the tuʻuvala) 1917, less than a year before Siaosi would die and Sālote would be crowned as queen. The marriage was a success. Tungī's personality and status did a lot to elevate the esteem of the people towards their queen. Furthermore, their children born would carry the combined bloods of the 3 major Tongan royal dynasties. Tungi would always be remembered as very generous to all his relatives. His death in 1941 was a heavy blow not only to Queen Salote but to all Tungi's relatives.[3][4]

Titles and honours[edit]

  • 1887-1900: HRH Prince Viliami Tungī Mailefihi, The Crown Prince of Tonga
  • 1900-1917: HRH Prince Viliami Tungī Mailefihi of Tonga.
  • 1917-1918: HRH Prince Viliami Tungī Mailefihi, The Crown Prince Consort of Tonga.
  • 1918-1923: HRH Prince Viliami Tungī Mailefihi, The Prince Consort of Tonga.
  • 1923-1941: HRH Prince Viliami Tungī Mailefihi, The Prince Consort of Tonga, Prime Minister of Tonga.


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Preceded by
Hon. Tevita Tuʻivakano
Prime Minister of Tonga
Succeeded by
Hon. Solomone Ula Ata OBE