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Modern view of the district

Vilijampolė (popularly known in Lithuania as Slabotkė) is an elderate in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania, located on the right bank of the Neris River and the Nemunas River, near their confluence. The elderate covers 1,720 hectares and houses about 32,000 people. It was the home of the Slabodka yeshiva, Knesses Yisrael, and the main site of the Kaunas Ghetto. The Lithuanian Veterinary Academy campus is located in the neighbourhood. Two bridges across the Neris connects Vilijampolė with the main part of the city. Petras Vileišis Bridge connects the district with the Old Town and Varniai Bridge with the neighbourhood of Žaliakalnis.


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Coordinates: 54°55′N 23°53′E / 54.917°N 23.883°E / 54.917; 23.883