Villa Parisio

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Villa Parisio
Lija Walking 11.jpg
Main façade of Villa Parisio
General information
LocationLija, Malta
Current tenantsStrickland Foundation
Named forParisio Muscati family
Completedbefore 1567
Technical details

Villa Parisio is a villa in Lija, Malta. It was built in the 16th century by the Muscati family, and it eventually passed into the hands of the Parisio Muscati, de Piro and Strickland families. It is now the seat of the Strickland Foundation.


Plaque of The Strickland Foundation

Villa Parisio is believed to have been built sometime in the 16th century as the summer residence of the Muscati family.[1] The earliest reference to the building dates back to 1567. In 1797, it was inherited by Paolo Parisio Muscati, and it was passed to his wife Antonia Muscati Xara following his death in 1841. The villa was eventually inherited by the de Piro family, before being sold to Gerald Strickland in the early 20th century.[2]

In 1943, the villa was acquired by Mabel Strickland, who lived there until her death in 1988.[2] It is now the seat of the Strickland Foundation, a foundation set up by Strickland in 1979 to continue publication of the Times of Malta and to "promote democracy, human rights, free press and the national interests of Malta".[3]

The ownership of the villa is currently disputed between the Strickland Foundation and Robert Hornyold-Strickland, Mabel Strickland's heir.[4]


The villa has its own gardens, which contain a number of orange[5] and olive trees.[1]

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