Villa di Montevettolini

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Villa di Montevettolini by Giusto Utens.
Rear view of the villa.

The Villa di Montevettolini is a Medici villa in the comune of Monsummano Terme, Tuscany, central Italy.


Also called Monte Veturino, the villas was built after 1595 by commission of Grand Duke Ferdinand I of Tuscany on a high hill at the feet of Monte Albano, where a large hunting reserve (the so-called Parco Reale) was located. The architect was Gherardo Mechini, a pupil of Bernardo Buontalenti, who included some pre-existing structures from the medieval borough, such as a fortress and a stretch of walls. The building was finished with the 1620s. The result was a villa with a severe and compact appearance, with a polygonal plan, resembling more a defensive fortress than a patrician residence. It was used as administrative base for the Medici estates in the area.

The villa was depicted by Giusto Utens in a series of lunettes portraying the Medici villas. The building was frequently used by Ferdinand I; his grandson Ferdinand II sold it in 1650, together with its surrounding lands to the Bartolomei family. In 1871 it was acquired by prince Marcantonio Borghese: also owner of the Villa Medici di Cafaggiolo, he restored it. In 2019, the Borghese family still owns the site.


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Coordinates: 43°51′32.73″N 10°50′47.69″E / 43.8590917°N 10.8465806°E / 43.8590917; 10.8465806