Village (magazine)

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Type Monthly newsmagazine
Format Magazine
Owner(s) Ormond Quay Publishing Ltd.
Editor Michael Smith
Founded 2004
Political alignment [Leftist]
Headquarters 6 Ormond Quay Upper
Dublin 7

Village is an Irish current affairs magazine founded by Vincent Browne. It was launched in October 2004 and was published weekly.[1]

On 27 November 2008, it was relaunched under a new editor Michael Smith,[2] a former investor in the magazine,[3] and published by Ormond Quay Publishing Limited.[4] It is currently published on a monthly basis with a stringent leftist editorial filter. The only right-wing commentator writing for the magazine is well-known economist Constantin Gurdgiev who writes the 'Interloper' column. Village's edtorial board comprises Michael Smith, Niall Crowley, Bride Rosney and Joan Fitzpatrick. Former Green Party leader John Gormley is a contributing editor.


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