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Village Development Committees (VDCs) are voluntary associations of village people for local administration. This VDCs are largely found in Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh, India. They are extra constitutional authorities.

VDCs consist of two members each from each caste in the village. The unity of villages can be accredited to this VDCs. The decision of VDCs are ultimate in the concerned villages and person who dis obeys the judgement of VDC is boycotted from the villages.

The villagers solve the local problems through the help of VDCs and they never need the help of Police and Courts. It is a great form of association by the villagers and it aims to achieve a strong socially fabricated society.

An example of a VDC is Ankapur Village Development Committee. Armoor Mandal has progressed greatly with the help of this VDC.[citation needed]

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