Village Zendo

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Village Zendo
Village Zendo sangha.jpg
Group shot of the Village Zendo sangha.
Denomination Sōtō (White Plum Asanga)
Founded 1986
Founder(s) Enkyo Pat O'Hara
Address 588 Broadway, Suite 1108 New York, New York 10012-3229
Country United States

Village Zendo is a Soto Zen practice center originally located in the apartment of Enkyo Pat O'Hara, who founded the zendo in 1986. Formerly located in a red brick building, the Zen center took up the majority of space in O'Hara's apartment.[1] The center has since moved to its new location on Broadway in New York City.[1] Village Zendo is a practice center of the White Plum Asanga and Zen Peacemaker Circle, the former founded by O'Hara's teacher Taizan Maezumi and the latter by Bernard Glassman.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 40°43′29″N 73°59′50″W / 40.72482°N 73.99723°W / 40.72482; -73.99723