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A village hall is usually a building and gathering place in a village. It may also serve multiple other functions.

United Kingdom[edit]

Bedhampton Social Hall, United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, a village hall is usually a building within a village which contains at least one large room, usually owned by and run for the benefit of the local community. Such a hall is typically used for a variety of public and private functions, such as:

Village halls sometimes have charitable status.[1] They may have other names such as a Village Institute or Memorial Hall. In some localities a church hall or community centre provides similar functions.

The word neuadd (IPA: /'neiæð/) is used to refer to village halls in Welsh-speaking parts of Wales, as in Neuadd Dyfi, the village hall in Aberdyfi.[2]

United States[edit]

La Grange, Illinois Village Hall

In the United States, a village hall is the seat of government for villages. It functions much as a town hall or city hall.

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