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Villas in Spain are an important part of the revenues generated from tourism in Spain, which contributes nearly 6.4% of total GDP of Spain. Spain attracts many visitors and travelers from all over the world, and the rental of villas plays a vital role in providing good value accommodation.[1]

Villas in Different Regions[edit]

The most visited states of Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela.[2]

Holiday villas[edit]

Holiday villas can be found at Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Majorca and Ibiza and are available in a variety of sizes and budgets. These villas are managed privately by the villa owners or via professional holiday agencies that can help plan a great holiday itinerary according to the vacationers’ budget and holiday objectives. Villas are a great choice of stay to be used as a base for traveling around Spain.

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