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The local school
The local school
Coordinates: 50°28′31″N 4°04′08″E / 50.475342°N 4.069012°E / 50.475342; 4.069012Coordinates: 50°28′31″N 4°04′08″E / 50.475342°N 4.069012°E / 50.475342; 4.069012
Country Belgium
Province Hainaut

Ville-sur-Haine is a village near the Belgian town of Le Rœulx in the province of Hainaut.

Ville-sur-Haine, old bascule bridge on the old Central Canal.

George Lawrence Price[edit]

Canadian private George Lawrence Price, known as the last soldier of the British Empire to be killed in the First World War, was shot and killed by a German sniper[1] at Ville-sur-Haine just two minutes before the armistice went into effect. A memorial plaque marks the location.[2]

In 1991, the town erected a new footbridge across the Canal du Centre, at 50°28′25″N 4°03′58″E / 50.4737°N 4.0662°E / 50.4737; 4.0662 (George Price Footbridge). A plebiscite was held and on 11 November of that year the bridge was officially named the George Price Footbridge (French: Passerelle George Price).[3]


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