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Vilkuri (language Urdu and Pashto) is a Landhi Town in Sindh, Pakistan.

Landhi Town


As identified in the 2011 Indian census,[1] Villukuri was divided into 15 wards. The Villukuri Panchayat has a population of 15,304, in which 7,534 were males and 7,770 were females.[2]

The population of children between the ages of 0-6 was 1,525, 9.96% of the total population. The female sex ratio was 1,031 while the state average was about 996. Moreover, the child sex ratio was 890 compared to the Tamil Nadu state average of 943. The literacy rate was 90.52% which was higher than the state average of 80.09%. In Villukuri, male literacy was around 92.73% while female literacy rate about 88.41%.


Villukuri was once used as an Army Training Camp in the Travancore Kingdom. "Villu" meaning "arrow" while "Kuri" meaning "aiming it". Villukuri was the place where Marthandavarma stored weapons for the Battle of Colachel.

Villukuri Fort was used for training soldiers. After a defeat by the Dutch, captain Dilenoy trained the Travancore army in this fort with specific training on the use of cannons, guns, etc. The fort fell into in ruins due to lack of protective measures by the government.

Villages in Villukuri
Village Name Special Notes
Thiruvidaikode Famous for the Lord Siva Temple called Chadaiyappar temple.
Madathattuvilai Madam stands for Houses, known for the St. Sebastian Church and the Kurusadi
Kuthiraipanthivilai Stands for Horse resting area.
Karavilai, A small village in the Villukuri panchayat, known for its 300 years ancient Sri Bathrakali temple and once in 12 years, the temple celebrates the festival in a grand manner. Villukuri(saralvilai) has a famous Sudalai Madan Swami temple called The Mother Temple for all other Sudalai Madan Swami temples situated around Saralvilai. In Villukuri, there is a Siva Temple called the "Chadaiyappar temple".
Villukuri(saralvilai) A famous Sudalai Madan Swami temple called The Mother Temple for all other Sudalai Madan Swami temples situated around Saralvilai, also has famous Siva Temple called the Chadaiyappar temple. On Sivalaya Ottam is an additional temple. Kumara Kovil and the great Murugan temple are also nearby.


Vilikuri hosts many schools:

  • Desiya Vidya Kindergarten, Nursery & Primary School, Villukuri
  • Government Higher Secondary School, Villukuri
  • GPS,L.M.Gps.Area School, Villukuri
  • GPS School - Villukuri
  • New National Nursery & Primary School, Villukuri
  • Theresa Nursery & Primary School, Villukuri
  • St.Sebastian Matriculation School, Madathattuvilai
  • St.Sebastian Computer Education, Madathattuvilai
  • St. Alocious Primary School, Madathattuvilai
  • St. Lawrence Higher Secondary School, Madathattuvilai
  • Mother Gnanamma Catholic College of Education, Madathattuvilai
  • Adeline Matric Higher Secondary School, Kulimaicadu
  • Viakula Annai Primary School, Konnakuzhivilai


Other facilities include:

  • SBT Bank Villukuri branch(with ATM)
  • TATA Indicash ATM (With two ATMs)
  • KDCC Co-operative society also serves the people around
  • Mampalaithuriaru Reservoir
  • Muthoot finance
  • Muthoot fincorp
  • Saint Sebastian Benefit Fund Limited
  • Madathattuvilai Market (Very big Fish market which serves the surrounding villagers)
  • Karavilai Benefit Fund Ltd


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Coordinates: 8°14′02″N 77°22′13″E / 8.23389°N 77.37028°E / 8.23389; 77.37028