Vilnius Žirmūnai Gymnasium

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Vilnius Žirmūnai Gymnasium
Vilniaus Zirmunu gimnazija.JPG
Žirmūnų g. 37
School type Gymnasium
Opened 1905
Principal Edmundas Grigaliūnas
Grades 9–12
Gender Co-Education
Enrollment 773
Average class size 26.7

Vilnius Žirmūnai Gymnasium is a Lithuanian language gymnasium school located in Žirmūnai district of Vilnius, Lithuania.

It used to be known as Vilnius Secondary School No. 7. The Gymnasium had 800 students in 2006. The school was granted the title Gymnasium in 2000; it is home to the brass band Septima, established in 1966.

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Coordinates: 54°42′52″N 25°18′31″E / 54.71444°N 25.30861°E / 54.71444; 25.30861