Vilnius railway station

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Vilnius railway station

Vilniaus geležinkelio stotis
Vilnius train station.jpg
Location16 Geležinkelio str.
Coordinates54°40′13″N 25°17′4″E / 54.67028°N 25.28444°E / 54.67028; 25.28444Coordinates: 54°40′13″N 25°17′4″E / 54.67028°N 25.28444°E / 54.67028; 25.28444
Owned byLithuanian Railways
Train operatorsLithuanian Railways, Russian Railways,[1] Belarusian Railway[2]
Other information
Opened1861 (1861)

Vilnius Railway Station (Lithuanian: Vilniaus geležinkelio stotis) is a Lithuanian Railways station in Vilnius.


The station was opened in 1861[4] building the Saint Petersburg – Warsaw Railway and rebuilt after World War II in socialist realism style. The building was renovated in 2001.[5] The railway station is located next to Vilnius Bus Station.

Train services[edit]

The main local railways with the railway station are Vilnius–Klaipėda Railway, Vilnius–Kaunas Railway and Vilnius–Turmantas Railway.

The station is served by the following local and international services:[6]

  • Vilnius – Minsk (BY)
  • Kaliningrad (RU) – Vilnius – Moscow (RU)
  • Kaliningrad (RU) – Vilnius – St. Petersburg (RU)
  • Naujoji Vilnia – Vilnius – Kaunas
  • Naujoji Vilnia – Vilnius – Trakai
  • Vilnius – Šiauliai – Klaipėda
  • Vilnius – Ignalina – Turmantas – Daugavpils (LV)
  • Vilnius – Varėna – Marcinkonys
  • Vilnius – Kena
  • Vilnius – Vilnius Airport

Public transportation[edit]

Vilniaus GS.JPG

The station is also a major Vilnius public transportation hub. It can be reached by trolleybuses, rapid buses, night buses, and regular buses.

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