Vilsandi National Park

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Vilsandi National Park
Soeginina coastline, Vilsandi National Park during summer.
Map showing the location of Vilsandi National Park
Map showing the location of Vilsandi National Park
Location of Vilsandi National Park
Coordinates58°22′43″N 21°52′38″E / 58.37861°N 21.87722°E / 58.37861; 21.87722Coordinates: 58°22′43″N 21°52′38″E / 58.37861°N 21.87722°E / 58.37861; 21.87722
Area238 km2 (92 sq mi)
Designated17 June 1997
Reference no.913[1]

Vilsandi National Park (Estonian: Vilsandi rahvuspark) is a national park in Saare County, Estonia. It includes part of the island of Vilsandi, a number of smaller islands, adjacent parts of western Saaremaa and the Harilaid peninsula on Saaremaa, all in Kihelkonna Parish and Lääne-Saare Parish.

The park grew from a bird reserve founded in 1910. It is a highly sensitive ecosystem due to the use of the area as stop-over by many migratory birds, like barnacle geese and Steller's eider, and as a breeding and nesting ground for over 247 species of birds, of which the most common is the eider duck. One third of all protected plant species in Estonia can also be found in the national park.[2] Hunting is absolutely prohibited. This park is a popular tourist destination for both Estonians and foreign visitors, particularly from Finland.

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