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The Viltrumites are a fictional alien race in the Invincible comic book universe. The Viltrumites are native to the planet Viltrum and have constructed, over millennia, a galactic empire known as the Viltrumite Empire. They have superpowers such as flight, enhanced durability, and super-strength. These powers have helped them to subjugate worlds and expand the Viltrumite Empire with ease. They also make use of armed forces from conquered worlds.Some of them are Superheroes Like Invincible who is half Viltrimite as well as the protagonist of the titular series and some are Supervillains like Thragg who is one of the main villains of the series.


The average Viltrumite is about the size of an average human, but due to their ultra-dense tissues they may weigh much more. Viltrumites have superpowers such as flight, super-strength,super-speed, incredible endurance, and a deep factor in healing. For instance, a severely injured adult Viltrumite may recover from severe injuries like a severe spine without special medical assistance in a matter of weeks or months. Ultra-dense tissue enhances the strength and durability of the Viltrumites.

Although the same superpowers are shared by all Viltrumites, they are far from equally powerful and durable. The power of viltrumite and its speed can be improved by exercise. This has been demonstrated many times by the series protagonist Mark Grayson (Invincible) first by training with Cecil Stedman using Global Defense developed technology and then independently and with his father.[1] Although not immortal, Viltrumites live thousands of years, with their aging slowing as they reach maturity (although their appearance changes much like the way of humans, old Vil). Their power increases drastically between adolescence and adulthood (as a child, Mark Grayson was unable to cope with his father's power) and it does not seem to decrease significantly with age, as quite old Viltrumites like Conquest are also among the strongest. Three Viltrumites proved at full speed to be strong enough to destroy a whole planet (i.e. Viltrum, the home world of the Viltrumites) without harm to themselves. There are still some contradictions in demonstrating the strength and resilience of the Viltrumite, often lesser forces are enough to seriously damage a Viltrumite.

Perhaps the Viltrumites ' most obvious characteristic is their ability to fly. The Viltrumite ear has a complex balancing system that can be easily disrupted in order to allow flight. In the past, this was used to the advantage of various heroes to defeat Viltrumites in hand-to-hand fighting. Another notable feature is that all male Viltrumites are shown to have moustaches (as mentioned by Mark Grayson (Invincible) to be ceremonial to maleViltrumites,[2] they were also shown to have naturally developing beards similar to those of humans). Viltrumite DNA, including humans, is compatible with many species. For example, Invincible (Mark Grayson) is a hybrid of Human-Viltrumite and his brother (Oliver Grayson) is a race hybrid of Viltrumite-Mantis. Viltrumite characteristics are typically dominant in such hybrids.[1][3][4] Like humans, Viltrumites need to breathe air, but they can hold their breath for two weeks and live unprotected in the vacuum of space, enabling them to fly interstellar distances considerably faster than light alone without special equipment (but they need special tools to communicate in space by telepathic means;

Technology and society[edit]

The Viltrumites possess a totalitarian system of government, with an empire spanning thousands of worlds. The Viltrumites are warlike and violent as a race, and will often kill weaker members of their society to enforce "purity".[1][2] Viltrumites enforce their order so strictly that members rarely rebel, and those who do are vilified as traitors. The Viltrumites are a technologically advanced race, and possess such technology as starships capable of faster than light speed travel, and wormhole creation[citation needed]. The Viltrumites were the dominant presence in much of the Milky Way galaxy for thousands of years until the Scourge Virus was created and used against them. The Scourge Virus cut the Viltrumite population down to only about 50 members. Invincible was infected by the Scourge Virus when his brother Oliver accidentally shot him with a gaseous form of the disease. Invincible recovered, although he was left without superpowers for a period. After the Viltrumite War, the Viltrumites were reduced by even more, with less than 35 members currently alive in the wake of their war against the Coalition of Planets. The survivors became refugees hiding on Earth, and eventually came under the leadership of Nolan Grayson, the heir of Lord Argall, who disbanded the Viltrumites' intents of conquest.[3]


Here are a list of members of the Viltrumite race.

  • Thragg- Thragg was the leader of the Viltrumite empire prior to Omni-man and Inivincvble and was one of the main antagonists of the series
  • Invincible- Also known as Mark Grayson is a half human and half viltrumite hybrid and the main protagonist of the series.
  • Omni-Man- The Father of Inivincble
  • Aniss- A female member of the Viltrumites
  • Conquest- Conquest is a old member of the Viltrumites.
  • Terra Grayson- Terra is the daughter of Invincble and Atom Eve.She goes on to become the third Invincible.
  • Marky/Kid Invincible- The son of Invincble and Annisa. He would go on to become Kid Invincible.
  • Lord Argall- The former king of the Viltrumites prior to his death and the father of Omni-Man and grand father of Invincble and Oilver Grayson.
  • Oilver Grayon- Mark Grayson's half brother.
  • Onnan- One of Thragg's children killed by Invincible.
  • Ursaal- The daughter of Thragg.
  • General Kregg- One of the many members of the VIltrumites
  • Thaedus- A peaceful member of the Viltrumites killed by Thragg.
  • Thula- a female member of the Viltrumites.
  • Lucan- A male member of the Viltrumites.
  • Alternative Mark Graysons- Alternative versions of Mark Grayson who are evil
  • Thragg's children: The many children of Thragg.


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