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Vim Karénine (born August 6, 1933) is an American and French poet, a haiku poet and a novelist.

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Vim Karénine (Antony de Vial), the son of François de Vial who was a diplomat and a Minister Plenipotentiary of France,[1] was born in Poitiers, France, and grew up in Switzerland, Hungary, and meerly in Italy.[2]

His family moved afterwards to Canada. After his secondary education at Collège Stanislas (Quebec),[3] in Montreal, Karénine moved to Paris, France. He earned a bachelor's degree from Poitiers University[4]

Vim published his first poems in a student journal.

He enlisted in the French Navy for two years, aboard Jeanne d' Arc midship cruiser visiting the Far East, northern and southern America, Australia and New Zealand.

Antony de Vial came graduated from French Carmes Seminary in Paris, to become a Catholic priest on December 17, 1966. He then moved to United States, involving himself with A.I.M. groups and foundation.

He was a resident in Silver Spring Maryland near Washington D.C. and Baltimore and consequently acquired Citizenship in the United States[5]

Karénine usually writes his poems on a computer, but if inspiration strikes him when he's away from it, "I've been known to start poems on napkins and scraps of paper, too".

He also is recognized for his spontaneous method of writing, covering topics such as Catholic spirituality,[6] and travel.

In August 2012 his comprehensive anthology about Emily Dickinson was published by Editions Orizons in France, with a general introduction by former poet laureate and editor fr:Guy Chambelland.[7]

He presently retired in Paris.[8]


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