Vimaladharmasuriya II of Kandy

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Vimaladharmasurya II
King of Kandy
Reign 1687 – 4 June 1707
Coronation 1687
Predecessor Rajasinghe II
Successor Vira Narendra Sinha
Born Sri Lanka
Died 4 June 1707
Sri Lanka
Burial Sri Lanka
Issue Vira Narendra Sinha
House House of Dinajara
Father Rajasinghe II

Vimaladharmasurya II (ruled 1687–1707) was a king of Kandy who succeeded his father, Rajasinghe II. He allowed Joseph Vaz to settle in his kingdom and allowed him to preach the Christian faith.


Brought up a bhikku for a long period in his childhood, King Vimaladharmasurya II was naturally of peaceful temperament. During his childhood though, a sufficient number of Buddhist priests were not able to conduct the higher ordination (upasampada) ceremony.

Contributions to Buddhism in Sri Lanka[edit]

He invited 33 priests from Burma and established the higher ordination that helped protect Buddhism.

The Dutch[edit]

During the reign of King Vimaladharmasurya II, many attempts made by the Dutch to capture the Kandyan Kingdom had failed. However,the Dutch gained control of the Kandyan Kingdom's foreign trade.

Relations with Daud Khan Panni[edit]

In the year 1703, the Mughal commander at Coromandel, Daud Khan Panni spent 10,500 coins to purchase 30 to 50 War elephants from Ceylon.[1] These purchases were acknowledged by Vimaladharmasurya II of Kandy.

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Vimaladharmasuriya II of Kandy
Born: ? ? Died: 4 June 1707
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Râjasimha II
King of Kandy
1687–4 June 1707
Succeeded by
Vira Narendra Sinha