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Vimium is an open source Google Chrome Extension[1] which provides keyboard short-cuts for navigation and control in the spirit of the Vim editor. Unlike other add-ons for web browsers such as Vimperator or Pentadactyl, it doesn’t modify the browser’s interface but instead focuses on allowing the user to navigate web pages, tabs and links using vim-like keyboard commands rather than the mouse. It also allows the user to map or customise its key bindings.[2]

Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]

Navigating the page
j, <c-e> : Scroll down
k, <c-y> : Scroll up
h : Scroll left
l : Scroll right
gg : Scroll to the top of the page
G : Scroll to the bottom of the page
zH : Scroll all the way to the left
zL : Scroll all the way to the right
d : Scroll a page down
u : Scroll a page up
r : Reload the page
gs : View page source
yy : Copy the current URL to the clipboard
yf : Copy a link URL to the clipboard
p : Open the clipboard's URL in the current tab
P : Open the clipboard's URL in a new tab
gu : Go up the URL hierarchy
gU : Go to root of current URL hierarchy
i : Enter insert mode
gi : Focus the first (or n-th) text box on the page
f : Open a link in the current tab
F : Open a link in a new tab
<a-f> : Open multiple links in a new tab
o : Open URL, bookmark, or history entry
O : Open URL, bookmark, history entry, in a new tab
T : Search through your open tabs
b : Open a bookmark
B : Open a bookmark in a new tab
[[ : Follow the link labeled previous or <
]] : Follow the link labeled next or >
gf : Cycle forward to the next frame on the page
m : Create a new mark
` : Go to a mark
Using find
/ : Enter find mode
n : Cycle forward to the next find match
N : Cycle backward to the previous find match
Navigating history
H : Go back in history
L : Go forward in history
Manipulating tabs
K, gt : Go one tab right
J, gT : Go one tab left
g0 : Go to the first tab
g$ : Go to the last tab
t : Create new tab
yt : Duplicate current tab
x : Close current tab
X : Restore closed tab
W : Move tab to new window
? : Show help

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