Vimy Memorial Bridge

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Vimy Memorial Bridge
Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge.jpeg
Coordinates45°16′12″N 75°42′09″W / 45.26991°N 75.70245°W / 45.26991; -75.70245Coordinates: 45°16′12″N 75°42′09″W / 45.26991°N 75.70245°W / 45.26991; -75.70245
Carriesvehicles (2x3 lanes)
buses (2x1 lane)
bicycles (2x1 lane)
CrossesRideau River, Rideau Canal
Localesouthern Ottawa
Other name(s)Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge
WebsiteProject Overview
Preceded byManotick
Followed byHunt Club Road
Designtriangular-truss arches, with two suspended decks
Total length143 metres (469 ft)
Construction cost$50 million CAD
Opened12 July 2014

The Vimy Memorial Bridge (previously the Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge[1]) is a bridge in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Completed in 2014, it crosses the Rideau River, connecting Strandherd Drive in Barrhaven and Earl Armstrong Road in Riverside South. The bridge was the 2015 winner of the Gustav Lindenthal Medal.[2] It is named after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, as suggested by two Royal Canadian Legions in Ottawa.[1]

Vimy Memorial Bridge


The idea for a bridge in this location was first brought up in 1993 as a road bridge. The location was later revisited as the location for a light rail crossing for the O-Train, but that extension plan was cancelled. In 2010, the city, provincial, and national governments invested equal amounts totalling $48 million in building the bridge.[3] The original contractor hired, ConCreate USL, went into receivership when the project was about 60% complete and the bonding company, GCNA hired a new contractor, formed by former employees of Concreate, now known as Horseshoe Hill Construction, to complete its bonded work.[4] The project was initially expected to be completed in 2012.[5] However, due to the contractor going bankrupt and the city's bonding company refusing to accelerate work, the completion date was delayed. The bridge was then due to be open in July 2014[6] and was opened on time on 12 July 2014.[7]


The bridge has three vehicle lanes, a dedicated bus lane, and a bike lane in each direction. Pedestrian walkways are located on the outside of the bridge on both the north and south side.

Public transit[edit]

OC Transpo Route 94 and OC Transpo 99, which use the bridge's exclusive bus lanes, are a part of the Ottawa bus rapid transit system known as the Transitway. Route 99 runs northward to Lebreton station at peak hours via the southeastern transitway and serves Riverside South via Spratt Road and Greenboro station. At off peaks hours, it connects to the O-Train Trillium Line. Route 99 serves Barrhaven Centre in the southbound direction. OC Transpo 94, a high frequency rapid transit route, serves Riverview station in the southbound direction and continues northward to Millennium station in Avalon. The new bridge's exclusive bus lanes have improved transit service in Barrhaven and Riverside South.


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