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Vin may refer to:




  • Vin Baker (born 1971), American former National Basketball Association player
  • Vin Baston (1919–1963), Irish hurler
  • Vin Brown (1922–1989), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Campbell (1888–1969), American Major League Baseball player
  • Vin Coutie (1881–1951), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Di Bona (born 1944), American television producer
  • Vin Garbutt (born 1947), English folk singer and songwriter
  • Vin Gardiner (1885–1972), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Heffernan (1935–2002), Australian politician
  • Vin Mazzaro (born 1986), American baseball pitcher
  • Vin Sabbatucci (1935–2007), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Scelsa (born 1947), American radio personality
  • Vin Scully (born 1927), American sportscaster
  • Vin Sullivan (1911–1999), pioneering American comic book editor, artist and publisher
  • Vin Waite (1949–2003), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Weber (born 1952), American politician

Other or indeterminate[edit]

  • Albert Vin Abrenica (born 1991), Filipino actor
  • Vin Arthur (1905–1970), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Batchelor (1900–1981), Australian rules footballer
  • Ervin Vin Bruce (born 1932), American Cajun musician
  • Vincenzo Vin Catoggio (born 1954), former Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Choi (born 1984), Hong Kong actor
  • Vin Crowe (born 1946), former Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Diesel, stage name of American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer Mark Sinclair (born 1967)
  • Vin Doherty (1911–1982), Australian rules footballer
  • Vin Doolan (born 1952), former Australian rules footballer
  • Vince Vin Gerard (born 1986), American former professional wrestler
  • Vin Gordon (born 1949), Jamaican trombone player
  • Vin Moore (1879–1949), American film director, actor and writer
  • Vin Suprynowicz (born c. 1950), American libertarian writer and journalist

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Vin, a character in the video games Jak II and Jak 3
  • Vin, the primary character in the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson
  • Vin Gonzales, a Spider Man/Marvel Comics supporting character
  • Vin Petrol, owner of the Driving School from Corner Shop Show

Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Vîn TV, a Kurdish language satellite television channel founded in 2007
  • Vos Iz Neias? (or VIN), an American Jewish online news site

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