Vincas Grybas

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Vincas Grybas (3 October 1890 – 3 July 1941) was a Lithuanian sculptor. Vincas Grybas was born in Lukiškės village where he also finished elementary school. Later he continued his studies at Warsaw art school. After World War I Grybas extended his studies in Kaunas and Paris. He joined the LKP (the Lithuanian Communist Party) After Lithuania was occupied by the Nazi Germany, Grybas was handled over to the Gestapo by Lithuanian nationalists and killed in 1941 in Jurbarkas.


Among Vincas Grybas most famous creations are the monuments Simonas Daukantas in Seda, Lithuania. Vytautas the Great(restored) in Kaunas, to Petras Vileišis in Pasvalys, and a church altar in Sintautai.

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