Vince Herman

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Vince Herman
GenresProgressive bluegrass
Jam band
Instrument(s)Guitar, Mandolin, Washboard, Ficus

Vince Herman is a guitarist and singer-songwriter best known for being one of the founding members of Leftover Salmon. Leftover Salmon started in 1989 as somewhat of a melding of the Left Hand String Band and the Salmonheads, and became more and more popular over the sixteen years that followed. The band decided to go their separate ways in 2005, but still play together (billed as Leftover Salmon) on occasion. Since the hiatus, Herman formed a new band named Great American Taxi, who released their debut album in 2007. GAT toured extensively and garnered a following, with hijinks such as joining Peter Rowan on stage and playing a Ficus tree for Moonalice. Vince toured with GAT until the Leftover Salmon tours called Vince away in 2013.

Vince resides in Nashville, Tennessee and continues to tour with Leftover Salmon, as of 2021.


Leftover Salmon[edit]

Year Title Label
1993 Bridges to Bert -
1995 Ask the Fish -
1997 Euphoria Hollywood
1999 The Nashville Sessions Hollywood
2002 Live Compass
2004 Leftover Salmon Compendia
2012 Aquatic Hitchhiker Los Records
2014 High Country Los Records

Great American Taxi[edit]

Year Title Label
2007 Streets of Gold -
2009 Reckless Habits -
2011 Paradise Lost -

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