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Vince Martin (b Vincent Marcellino, March 17, 1937) is an American folk singer and songwriter.

He first recorded with the Tarriers (Erik Darling, Alan Arkin and Bob Carey) in 1956, on the hit single "Cindy, Oh Cindy". He became more widely known with his duo recordings with Fred Neil in the early 1960s. The album Tear Down The Walls (1964) contained mainly Neil's songs, recorded with musicians including John Sebastian and Felix Pappalardi, and became very popular and influential on the burgeoning folk (and later folk rock) scene.

In 1969, he recorded the album If the Jasmine Don't Get You ... the Bay Breeze Will in Nashville, with the musicians who had just finished recording Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline. A second solo album, Vince Martin, followed in 1973.

More recently, Martin has performed with Thurston Moore, and issued an album Full Circle in 2003.

Martin is featured in Vagabondo! (2010), a new documentary about his life.

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