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Vincent F.A. Golphin is an American writer, editor and publisher of fiction, memoir, poetry, and essays. He is currently an adjunct professor of writing and literature at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida.

His articles, poems, essays, reviews, and stories have appeared in a wide range of commercial and literary publications that include magazines such as Christianity Today, National Catholic Reporter, Emerge, Washington Living, about...time Magazine, and Upstate New Yorker. Also, from 1987 to 1995, he authored a weekly column distributed nationally through the Newhouse and American News services.


Dr. Golphin's books include:

  • Life and Other Things I Know: Poems, Essays and Short Stories.[1]
  • Take Two,They're Small.[2]
  • Grandma Loves You.
  • African American Stories:My First Treasury.[3]
  • An African-American Children's Anthology.
  • Like A Dry Land: A Soul Journey Through the Middle East[4]
  • When Pluto Was A Planet
  • 10 Stories Down[5]
  • Grandma Found a Gecko[6]


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