Vincent Jones (musician)

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Vincent Jones
Genres Indie rock
Instruments keyboard
Associated acts The Grapes of Wrath
Lava Hay

Vincent Jones is a Canadian musician. He was a member of The Grapes of Wrath[1] and Ginger,[2] and a frequent collaborator with Lava Hay, a band which included Jones' former wife, Michele Gould. He was born to parents Leslie and Patricia Jones (née Smith), originally from Corby, England, the family moved to Canada after Leslie was offered a job in the country. He also has two sisters, Clare and Michelle.

Following Ginger's breakup, Jones became a session musician and producer, appearing on live albums by Sarah McLachlan and David Gahan, and studio albums by Mystery Machine, Cowboy Junkies, Monster Magnet, Rose Chronicles and Bruce McCulloch.

He is currently married to Wendy Newton, a film worker. He has recently worked with Morrissey and at the moment is working in LA, although he has a house in Vancouver.


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