Vincent N Roxxy

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Vincent N Roxxy
Vincent N Roxxy poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byGary Michael Schultz
Produced byKeith Kjarval
Screenplay byGary Michael Schultz
Story byGary Michael Schultz
StarringEmile Hirsch
Zoë Kravitz
Zoey Deutch
Emory Cohen
Beau Knapp
Music byQuestlove
CinematographyAlex Disenhof
Edited byBruce Cannon
Unified Pictures
Bron Capital Partners
Distributed byVertical Entertainment
Release date
Running time
102 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States

Vincent N Roxxy is a 2016 American action crime-thriller film directed and written by Gary Michael Schultz and starring Emile Hirsch, Zoë Kravitz, Zoey Deutch, Emory Cohen, and Beau Knapp. Principal photography began in December 2014 in Louisiana, and wrapped in January 2015. The film was released on June 2, 2017, by Vertical Entertainment.


Vincent, a small town loner contemplates delivering a black duffle bag full of money to a gang leader. On his way home, he encounters Roxxy, a rebellious punk rocker being forced out of her car and hit repeatedly by a gang member. Vincent quickly jumps in to save her and the two flee together before the police can arrive. Vincent offers Roxxy a place to stay in a small trailer behind his farm house but she declines at first. Vincent then arrives back home to a party his brother, JC, and girlfriend Kate are throwing. It is revealed that Vincent has returned home for the first time in a couple years, having left shortly after their mothers death. JC shows Vincent an abandoned farm house he plans to turn into an auto shop and wants him to help him run it. At first, Vincent declines but eventually agrees to his brother's offer. The next day, Roxxy shows up at the shop, having no place to stay, takes up Vincent on his offer to stay in his trailer. At first, JC is reluctant to have Roxxy staying with them, suspecting she may be involved in some trouble that could reel them in. However, Vincent, Roxxy, JC and Kate grow to be close friends as Kate manages to get Roxxy a job at a bar she works at as a bartender.

Kate's ex-boyfriend, Darryl begins to stir up trouble after he makes several advances towards her. This leads to JC stepping in, causing an altercation between the two which results in Darryl and his friends being kicked out of the bar as well as animosity between him and JC. Over the course of Roxxy's stay, she and Vincent begin to grow closer; often going on dates and spending as much time together as possible. After a night at the carnival with Kate and JC, Vincent and Roxxy embrace while slow dancing in her trailer which ultimately begins the start of their relationship. One night, JC and Kate find the windows of their truck shot up by a pellet gun. JC learns that Darryl and his friends are responsible and retaliates by pouring bleach into his truck's fuel tank.

Vincent and Roxxy's relationship blossoms as they make love for the first time at an abandoned drive-in. The next morning, Vincent is awoken at gunpoint by Roxxy, demanding answers after she finds a piece of paper with her deceased brother's address on it. Feeling betrayed, Roxxy ends her relationship with Vincent. Roxxy then plans on leaving town, feeling her relationship with Vincent won't work but is convinced by Kate to stay. The next day, Vincent and JC argue over JC's turbulent past. It's then revealed that Vincent left town after his mother died due to being unable to cope with her passing and feeling trapped in their small town.

One night, Darryl and his friends spot JC alone and ambush him. Upon hearing the news, Vincent immediately goes to find Darryl where he brutally punches him and his friends before taking Darryl's hand and crushing it with the car door. He points a gun at Darryl's head and threatens to kill him. Later that night, Vincent visits Roxxy where he attempts to reconcile but is unsuccessful. She tells Vincent that violence will always follow them everywhere.

One afternoon while at the auto shop, Vincent spots a strange car parked down the street observing him. He approaches it but it speeds off before he can see who it is. Realizing it's the same men that were after Roxxy in the beginning, he rushes back home to find the car already parked in the drive way. Vincent takes out a gun after hearing screaming coming from his backyard. He finds Roxxy, JC and Kate tied up and gagged on the ground surrounded by two men and their leader, Suga. Before he can fire his weapon, Vincent is shot in the shoulder and immediately collapses on the floor. A horrified Roxxy watches as the men prepare to hang Vincent. Suga demands Roxxy tell him where the money her brother owed him was located. Unable to provide answers, Suga orders one of the men to shoot Kate and JC in the head, killing them both. After Roxxy is taken inside, Vincent is left to die. However, the noose snaps and Vincent manages to crawl and make his way to the house. Once inside, he stabs one of the men in the neck and fatally beats another. Vincent manages to tell Roxxy about the black duffle bag being buried in the drive-in before dying in her arms.

The next day, Roxxy heads out to the drive-in and finds a carving Vincent made reading "V n R" with a heart shape around it. Roxxy then retrieves the bag from under it. Upon opening it, she finds the money that her brother owed and a letter from Vincent detailing why he took the money and how he was ashamed of taking it as it was blood money. He tells her to leave town and take the money to start her life over with one day hoping she can forgive him.

That night, Roxxy leaves town in Vincent's black Chevelle in pursuit of Suga and his men in Atlanta. She spots them leaving a club and follows them to a house party. Upon arriving, she successfully murders all of Suga's henchmen. Roxxy then enters Suga's room in a fit of rage. Suga fires back and Roxxy is hit by flying shrapnel. A fight ensues between the two until she's overpowered and Suga prepares to kill her. She claims she has his money that he won't ever see. With Suga distracted, Roxxy takes this opportunity to pull out two knives and stab Suga in his eyes. A blind Suga attempts to shoot Roxxy but is unsuccessful. Roxxy returns to the room and shoots Suga several times in the head. Roxxy limps out of the house covered in blood and drives off in Vincent's Chevelle as the police arrive.



In April 2014, Anton Yelchin and Megalyn Echikunwoke were attached to star in the crime thriller Vincent-N-Roxxy to be directed by Gary Michael Schultz based on his own script.[5] On October 29, 2014, both stars were replaced by Emile Hirsch and Zoë Kravitz, while Keith Kjarval was attached to produce the film through Unified Pictures, which also developed the film.[2]

Principal photography on the film began in December 2014 in Louisiana, and wrapped in January 2015.[2][4]


The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18, 2016.[6] The film was released on June 2, 2017, by Vertical Entertainment.[7]


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