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George Vincent Orange, (born in 1935 and known as "Vincent"—November 2012) was a British-born New Zealand historian, best known for his military biographies of RAF commanders John Slessor, Keith Park, Arthur Coningham, and Arthur Tedder. These received positive reviews, with British historian Sebastian Ritchie, for example, describing the Tedder biography as a "very important" book with an "eminently balanced narrative".[1]


Orange was born in 1935, in Shildon, County Durham and was educated at St. Mary's Grammar School, in Darlington, and at Hull University.

In 1962 he went to live in New Zealand and taught History at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch until he retired in 2002.


In his younger days, Orange had parts in 20 stage plays and 50 radio plays. He also appeared regularly on television, commenting on current affairs.[citation needed]


Among Orange's many peer reviewed articles is:"Cutting through the Political Jungle: Eisenhower and Tedder as Allies and Friends, 1942-1945." Air Power Review Vol. 3 No. 4 (Winter 2000), pp. 75–86.


Along with numerous articles and conference papers, Orange authored 11 books, including:

  • Dowding of Fighter Command: Victor of the Battle of Britain, (Grub Street, September 2008)
  • Johnny Checketts: The Road to Biggin Hill, (Grub Street; New title edition, March 2007)
  • Slessor: Bomber Champion - The Life of Sir John Slessor, (Grub Street, October 2006)
  • Tedder: Quietly in Command, (Routledge, April 2004)
  • Winged Promises: History of No.14 Squadron, RAF 1915-1945, (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, November 1998)
  • Ensor's Endeavour: A Biography of Wing Commander Mick Ensor, (Grub Street, May 1994)
  • Straight and Level, (Grub Street, October 1993) with Kenneth Cross
  • Coningham: A Biography of Sir Arthur Coningham, (Methuen, February 1990)
  • The Road to Biggin Hill, (Airlife, February 1987)
  • Park: The Biography of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park, (Methuen, August 1984)
  • Churchill and His Airmen: Relationships, Intrigue and Policy Making 1914-1945, (Grub Street, March 2013)


  • Cover sleeve, Dowding of Fighter Command, (Grub Street Pub, September 2008)