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Vincent Ségal, is a French cellist and bassist born in 1967 in the French city of Reims.

He studied at the National Music Academy of Lyon and the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. He is mainly known for the variety of his collaborations and unusual projects. He has worked with Steve Nieve, Elvis Costello,[1] Cesaria Evora, Blackalicious, Carlinhos Brown, the French reggae band Tryo, Franck Monnet, the experimental project Mujeres Encinta, Georges Moustaki or with Alexandre Desplat in the O.S.T. of Lust, Caution and other of his films.[2]

In 1986 he and Cyril Atef and formed the band Bumcello, a downtempo electronica duo that won the Victoires de la Musique award and was named Electronic artist of the year 2006. He played on every Matthieu Chedid (-M-) album. In 2009 he worked with Sting on his album If on a Winter's Night.... In October of the same year he recorded, in the studio of Salif Keïta in Mali, the album Chamber Music with Ballaké Sissoko[3]


As leader[edit]

  • 2002: T-Bone Guarnerius
  • 2007: Cello

With Bumcello

  • 1999: Bumcello
  • 2001: Booty Time
  • 2002: Nude for Love
  • 2003: Get Me (live)
  • 2005: Animal sophistiqué
  • 2008: Lychee Queen
  • 2012: Al[4]


With Ballaké Sissoko

With -M-

With Mujeres Encinta

With Dick Annegarn

With Blackalicious

With Piers Faccini

  • 2003: Leave No Trace
  • 2014: Songs of Time Lost

With others


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