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Vincenz Fohmann (5 April 1794 – 25 September 1837) was a German-Belgian anatomist born in Assamstadt, today located in Baden-Württemberg.

He studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg, where under the guidance of Friedrich Tiedemann (1781-1861), he learned anatomy and physiology. For several years at Heidelberg, he served as an anatomical prosector. Working with cadavers, he mastered a process that involved injecting the lymphatic system with mercury. In 1827, he replaced Jean-Nicolas Comhaire (1778-1837) as professor of anatomy at the University of Liège.[1]

Today, his anatomical collections involving the lymphatic system are preserved in museums of Heidelberg and Liège.[2]

Principal works[edit]

  • Anatomische Untersuchungen über die Verbindungen der Saugadern mit den Venen, 1821 - Anatomical studies involving connection of the lymphatics with the veins.
  • Das Saugadersystem der Wirbelthiere, 1827 - The lymphatic system of vertebrates.[3]