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Vincy Chan
Chinese name 泳兒 (traditional)
Chinese name 泳儿 (simplified)
Pinyin Yǒng'ér (Mandarin)
Jyutping Wing6 Yi4 (Cantonese)
Birth name Chan Ka-Yan (陳家欣)
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1982-10-16) 16 October 1982 (age 33)
Hong Kong
Occupation Singer
Genre(s) Cantopop
Instrument(s) Vocals
Voice type(s) Lyric Mezzo-soprano
Label(s) Emperor Entertainment Group
Years active 2006 - Present
Official website Vincy Chan's Official Website

Vincy Chan (born 16 October 1982) is a Hong Kong cantopop singer.[1] Her family left Hong Kong in 1990 and immigrated to Singapore when she was about eight years old. She was signed by Emperor Entertainment Group, and debuted with the album Vincy on 27 July 2006.


She attended the Dunman High School in Singapore. Chan was amongst the top 24 contestants in Project Superstar, a Singaporean singing competition held in June 2005 after graduating from Nanyang Technological University. She was also the runner-up and won the award "Most Popular Image" in Emperor Entertainment Group's New Talent Singing Awards in 2005. Later on, she became more well-known amongst the Hong Kong public when her song 'My Feelings' (Chinese: 感應), a Cantonese rendition of Freya Lin's '一個人生活', debuted.

Chan released the studio album "Flowers Without Snow" (Chinese: 花無雪) in February, 2007, in which a song of eponymous title is the Cantonese version of Mika Nakashima's Yuki no Hana.

In 2007, she performed at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Charity Gala in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with various artists. Chan's latest album, released October 15, 2007, was titled "Close To You", which included a cover version of The Carpenters' (They Long to Be) Close to You.

After the "Close To You" tour ended at the beginning of 2008, Vincy released her third and self-titled album on June 4, 2008. This album also marks her first mandopop album since her only previous two albums featured Cantonese pop.

In 2008, Vincy appeared in both New Talent Toronto (June 21) and New Talent Calgary (June 22) in Canada. At both occasions, Vincy performed her "It's Very Tiring to Like a Person" and several other hits.


(2006) Vincy 感應
(2007) Flowers Without Snow 花無雪
(2007) Close To You
(2008) Just Want To Know More 多想認識你
(2008) Pieces of V
(2009) More Vincy 多一點 泳兒
(2009) Vincy's Precious 私人珍藏
(2010) Foreseen?... Encounter。 預見? ...遇見。
(2010) Vin'Selection (New + Best Selections)
(2011) Happy Tears 快樂眼淚
(2011) Almost An Open Secret 半公開的秘密
(2012) Where I Touch The Sky 接近天空的地方
(2013) Free 我自在
(2014) Love & Lovesongs 愛情歌
(2015) Love In The Wind 風情歌
(2016) Mirror Reflection 風情歌鏡像


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