Vindel River

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Vindel River (Vindelälven)
Renforsen rapid in the Vindel River
Country Sweden
Mouth Ume River
 - coordinates 63°55′00″N 19°51′30″E / 63.91667°N 19.85833°E / 63.91667; 19.85833Coordinates: 63°55′00″N 19°51′30″E / 63.91667°N 19.85833°E / 63.91667; 19.85833
Length 445 km (277 mi) [1]
Basin 12,650 km2 (4,884 sq mi) [1]
 - average 190 m3/s (6,710 cu ft/s) [1]

The Vindel River (Swedish: Vindelälven) is a river in northern Sweden. It is a tributary to Ume River and the biggest tributary river in Sweden. It lends its name to the Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve, one of the largest protected areas in Europe, totaling 562,772 ha (approx. 5,628 km2). Since it is partially located with the reserve, it is permanently protected from hydroelectric development.


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