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Vindictus Logo.jpg
Developer(s) devCAT
Publisher(s) Nexon
TianCity (China)
Garena (Thailand)
Engine Source
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
  • KOR: 2010-01-21
  • NA: 2010-10-13
  • EU: 2011-10-05
  • JP: 2011-11-30
  • TW: 2011-12-23
  • AU: 2012-11-15
  • THA: 2015-12-02
Genre(s) Action MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Vindictus is an Online Action RPG created by devCAT, an internal studio of Korean free-to-play game publisher Nexon. Vindictus is a prequel to the popular MMORPG Mabinogi and is known as Mabinogi Heroes (Korean: 마비노기 영웅전) in Asia.

Vindictus takes place in the same setting used in Mabinogi, but is placed chronologically several hundred years prior to the first game during a period of war and strife. Vindictus follows Nexon's traditional free-to-play model. The game itself is free to download and play and charges no purchase price. The game contains a virtual item shop to purchase in-game items with Nexon's virtual currency called NX (or Karma Koin) to enhance the player's character's appearance and abilities.


In Vindictus, "classes" and "characters" are one and the same. When beginning the game, players will have a choice to play as one of twelve characters, each of which has different combat skills and abilities. Players are free to alter certain aspects of their character's appearance, but basic abilities and combat styles are set at character creation. All characters are gender-locked. Though the game was originally intended to have five characters, there are now currently twelve.

Vindictus is particularly combat-intensive when compared to many other Action MMORPGs. The combat is very fast-paced and rewarding; it uses more combo-based combat than timing of activate-able skills (or 'Active's as labeled in-game on the skill chart). The combat is very rewarding because of its dodge/counter/block or die mentality while in combat as opposed to the typical 'out dps the boss' mentality.

There is a dyeing system that allows players to dye clothing and weapons for an entirely unique appearance. At character creation, people may customize eye and hair color, hair style, height (which affects gameplay) etc. There are some customizations that require NX (in-game cash), but they do not use Premium character cards; instead, the player must buy them during customization. These customizations give players a boost in the LUK, or Luck stat, which increases the chances of dropping more Evil Cores.

Each playable character has unique skills making game-play different across each character. In addition, most characters have two sets of skills for their main and alternative weapons (I.E. Lann has Sword specific skills that are only usable when the player equips swords and Spear specific skills that are only usable when the player equips spears). Skills can be upgraded by using AP points which are rewarded by completing battles and overtime, even while offline.

One can only go to instanced dungeons to gain Experience or complete quests (although quests can be sometimes be completed just by talking to NPCs). One can either venture to dungeons alone or go with some other people. If one goes in a party with other people, monsters will become stronger, but there is more chance to survive a battle with a friend. Also, when in a party, the health capacity of bosses will increase. One can do dungeons on Normal, Hard, or Hero modes. Hero mode can only be unlocked from lvl 50.

Characters / roles / classes[edit]

  • Lann is a male character described as "An intrepid warrior with a passion for weapons." The character specializes in Dual-Wielding weapons, specifically Swords. His main role in the party is DPS (Damage per second) and relies on critical hit rate, damage and cap, speed and evasive maneuvers to win battles, but lacks any form of self-defense. His alternate weapons are Twin Spears, which comes with increased damage along with constant attacks and a fair evasion but has less abilities and also takes more damage from enemy attacks. He starts off with the ability of wearing light armor, but later gains the ability to wear heavy and plate armor as well.
  • Fiona is a female character described as a "balanced warrior who wields a sword and shield." Fiona is a melee character, using a single one-handed Longsword to fight while using a Shield to block and defend from heavy attacks. Her true potential comes from the combining her parries and counterattacks to create openings in enemies. Her alternate weapon is a Long Hammer which causes more burst damage at the cost of attack speed. She starts off with a Small Shield, but later gains the ability to use a Large Shield, increasing her blocking ability but preventing certain counterattack skills.
  • Evie is a female magician who uses different types of magic to help the player and the party. Her main role is burst damage (dealing high damage in one hit) and DPS (Damage per second), but has several support abilities available (healing, crowd control, etc.). Unlike most other characters, Evie is heavily dependent on intelligence rather than strength to bolster her magic damage, which is mostly acquired through Cloth and Light armor, and is incapable of grabs. Evie's main weapon is a Staff, which is used for burst damage and support, and her alternate weapon is a Battle Scythe, increasing her DPS at the cost of her healing abilities.
  • Karok is a giant male character who utilizes Brawling (engages with powerful physical combat while maintaining damage resistance) within the battlefield. He can do impressive but slow combos with a Battle Pillar, but he can throw the pillar and switch to Hand-to-Hand Combat for increased max stamina and speed. He uses many physical special moves against monsters and bosses, using his skills and stature to dominate the battlefield, such as his ability to grab and intercept most bosses regardless of size and can crush and/or rip apart smaller enemies that would otherwise be ungrabbable to other characters. Though Karok lacks the ability to dodge, he can nonetheless absorb all damage dealt to him and then use self-regeneration abilities to recover the damage he received. His alternate weapon is a Cestus, focusing on using charges gained through Weaving or manually charging. Each charge when used on an enemy gives a different buff, Speed, Attack, and Critical, all three effects can be replenished in time and uses with another blast that has at least one charge.
  • Kai is a male character who plays the Archer role (sniping enemies from a distance using bows and arrows). Kai is very agile and has many burst damage and DPS tools at his disposal. Unlike other characters, Kai's bow has two forms: Short Bow and Long Bow, the former utilizing quick automatic aiming and strafe firing while the latter using power and distance at the cost of decreased rate of fire. He also has a couple of melee attacks when fighting at close range, and can also use bow techniques to slide far away from the enemy and resume attacking at long range. Kai also has special moves against enemies and bosses, such as chaining the enemy to the wall/floor or mounting and delivering a powerful blow to a boss. His alternate weapon is a mechanical crossbow known as the Cross Gun, greatly increasing his rate of fire and grants him access to explosive weaponry, but sacrifices evasiveness and has less abilities.
  • Vella is a female swordsman who, like Lann, uses Twin Swords. She exhibits the power of wind, using it to slip directly through enemies, deflect most projectiles, and pull enemies into one spot, bolstering her counter-attacking ability. Although her play style seems identical to Lann, she has much less damage potential through normal and smash attacks, as her whole play style revolves around counter-attacking. Her alternate weapons are Chain Blades, a pair of chain whips with blades attached to them, allowing her to attack from great distances, restrain enemies, increasing her damage output, at the cost of counter-attacking abilities and decreased survival.
  • Hurk is a male berserker, using constant and hard hitting attacks without relenting, and is armed with a Greatsword. Hurk's power stems from his slow but powerful attacks, as well as the ability to increase his damage reduction and self-regeneration. He can also use sheer force or counterattacks to knock his enemies off balance, especially bosses. His secondary weapon, Teide, is a sword and rifle combination that utilizes quick melee attacks and powerful ranged shots.
  • Lynn is a female character that utilizes Glaives along with quick, well-timed attacks. While Lynn's damage output is slightly lower than the other characters, her ability stems from placing "marks" on her enemies and then detonating them to rack up huge amounts of damage. She also has great evasiveness, able to move around quickly with great distance and even slide directly behind her enemy from a distance to resume attacking. Her secondary weapon, Blütte, is a parasol that allows for a more varied playstyle as every smash attack allows the player to choose whether they want to do more damage or increase survivability based on the input they choose.
  • Arisha is a female character that utilizes both swordplay and magic using her Spellsword. She heavily relies on intelligence and unlike other characters including Evie, uses a mana bar in addition to a stamina and SP bar which allows her to cast unique spells. With a Spellsword and a Focus, she combines sword slashes along with magic blasts for devastating combos, and uses her mana to strengthen her blade, teleport, absorb mana from her enemies, and can even bring time around her to a grinding halt. She currently lacks alternative weapons.
  • Sylas is a male mage character that uses magic to enhance his weapon, the Phantom Dagger, for quick, medium ranged attacks. Like the other magic characters, he relies on intelligence to deal damage. A substantial portion of his damage comes from building Phantom Shards (these orbit around Sylas) off of his normal attacks which, when coupled with heavy attacks, automatically fire at enemies. After the shards hit, they grant Sylas a buff that boosts his damage and stamina regeneration as long as he does not receive damage, rewarding skilled or defensive players. Along with his damaging abilities, he also has support spells that can either heal or boost the damage of himself and party members in the area around him. He currently lacks alternative weapons.
  • Delia is a female character that uses the Bastard Sword, similar but smaller to Hurk's greatsword. However, she is generally a slower character, focusing on landing incredibly powerful smashes that can be enhanced by a few of her abilities. When inputting a quick smash (right-click) after a normal combo, Delia will gain the "Keen" buff that restores stamina and increases the damage of her delayed smashes, which are done by waiting a second before right-clicking in a combo. Her exclusive ability lets her gain attack speed and take reduced damage at the cost of destroying her armor. To defend herself, her block is similar to Arisha's in which it must be timed correctly and only lasts over a second.
  • Miri is a female character that uses the Dragonspine. She has a Flamebreath meter that is gained throught time, and she can use enhanced abilities by spending charges of its Flamebreath meter in order to deliver more powerfull attacks and dodge attacks. Her exclusive ability lets her use enhanced abilities without spending any Flamebreath stacks.

Transformations are special skills that allows players to take on the form of a Paladin or Dark Knight, each of which gives significant boosts to stats. Transformations can only be activated once on the hour and resets every hour (i.e., a player can transform at 09:59 and again at 10:00). However, a player cannot transform more than once during a battle run. When battling in transformation mode, transformation experience is rewarded to the player in which they can increase their transformation level and put points into specific transformation skills. However, not all skills can be attained thus each player can vary in transformation abilities whether it be a supportive or offensive play style. Both transformations increases Health, Stamina, Defense, Physical and Magical Attack Power, SP Gain, Knock-down Resistance, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Agility. Paladins tend to focus on Defense while Dark Knights possess higher Physical and Magical Attack Power. Players can achieve a higher degree of transformation completely changing the appearance of the character as well as abilities. Players attain a more powerful arsenal of abilities and stat boosts when undergoing this second transformation. However, this second transformation costs at least 10 AP and 2 SP Bars (500 SP) to activate. Transformations last for two minutes, while the second transformation lasts for one minute. However, if the first transformation's time goes beyond the second transformation's time, the remaining time for the second transformation will be that during the first transformation (i.e., engaging second transformation with thirty seconds left will have the second transformation lasting thirty seconds).

Titles can be attained by completing stories and battles, defeating specific enemies, collecting items, or performing specific actions. Some titles (previously all titles did) offer bonus statistics to enhance a player's character in the following categories: STR, AGI, INT, WIL, and HP. Titles are automatically accumulated and stacked on the character; all increase statistics are automatic. Players can choose which title they want to appear above their heads to show off to other users. Selecting a title does not earn one the specified statistic increase as it has already been permanently added the moment the player earned the title; having the title appear and having no title appear gives the same effect and is true to all titles.

A token system was implemented as a means of preventing people from playing excessively. Higher leveled or excessive battles cost "tokens" to enter, which gradually increases as more battles are performed. Tokens are restocked on certain days of the week. Alternatively, special tokens may be purchased from the cash shop which provides slightly better benefits than normal tokens. The token system was eventually phased out in the North American version, was not released directly in the European version, and had been replaced with a Fatigue system in the Korean version.


Season 1[edit]

The time period of Vindictus is set several hundred years before the era of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. In this war-torn world, the Humans believe that if they can destroy the Fomors —monstrous humanoids— they will be brought by their black-winged goddess, Morrighan, into the land of Erinn and be enriched in paradise. As a result, the land has suffered under endless war for hundreds of years, and many people are beginning to give up hope that the legend of Erinn is real.

Through the ten "episodes" of Season 1, the player, commonly referred to as the "Rookie" by various NPCs, tries to carry on Humanity's goal of bringing forth Erinn's descent. They battle numerous Fomorian forces, but also encounter severe conflicts with their own kind as well as themselves.

  • Prologue – The Rookie aides the Crimson Blades in defeating a giant rampant spider, much to the oracle Tieve's protest. However, a mysterious character watches from the sidelines.
  • Episode 1: The Crimson Blades – Living in the town of Colhen, the Rookie enlists with the Crimson Blades, in defeating the Gnolls that patrol the Perilous Ruins.
  • Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor – Continuing to adjust, the Crimson Blades dispatch the Rookie into Hoarfrost Hollow, where Kobolds are preparing to attack Colhen. Meanwhile, a humongous polar bear patrols the cold cave.
  • Episode 3: Piercing the Crescent Moon – The Rookie is urged by Cadet Ellis of the Royal Academy to explore Ainle, a town ruined by Fomors and condemned by the Pontiff, preventing Royal Army presence. However, numerous visits return disastrous results: the death of Ellis. The Rookie learns that Goblins and Vampires inhabit the ruins, and the vampires are being pulled from their world into Ainle.
  • Episode 4: King of the Gnolls – Initially taking on a request to head to the Fobellow Prairie's Entrance and the Ruins of Sanctity, another off-limits area, the Rookie discovers that Fomorian-allied Gnolls inhabit the area. Upon reporting to the Crimson Blades, they decide to take action.
  • The Pact – Upon learning that Tieve has fallen into constant sleep, the Rookie must join the Silent Brotherhood, an organization who was once said to have cured the oracle from such illness. However, the Rookie must come to a decisive action: to become a Paladin who protects others, or become a Dark Knight who only serves the goddess.
  • Episode 5: The Lost Holy Artifact – The Rookie is once again dispatched to Hoarfrost Hollow, but this time, its Depths, while obviously encountering Kobolds along the way. The Royal Army soon arrives upon learning that the Kobolds have taken a special artifact from them. Meanwhile, the Rookie also stumbles upon an ancient creature: the Yeti.
  • Episode 5 Extra: Aodhan – Lord Ingkells of Ortel Castle and an old friend of the Crimson Blades Leader Aodhan arrives in Colhen and requests the mercenaries to eliminate the Trolls around his castle and in Hilder Forest Ruins. Meanwhile, pieces of Aodhan's past and interaction with his deceased family come to light.
  • Episode 6: Colhen in Flames – The Rookie, now having risen the ranks up to a Royal Army Cadet, is welcomed to Rocheste. They, along with the Royal Army, are diverted to the Fomorian Base where Goblins and Ogres lay while their leaders lead a siege on Colhen.
  • Episode 6 Extra: The Titan – A behemoth ogre known as the Titan has awakened from its slumber, and the Rookie, the Crimson Blades, and the Royal Army must band together to defeat it.
  • Episode 7: The Second Oracle – The Pontiff's Court has staged a gathering of oracles, but Ratmen and Lizardmen from Rocheste's Sewers have been making unexpected appearances.
  • Episode 8: Not Even If You Kill Us All – Part 1 – The Pontiff's Court declares the habitants of Ortel Castle traitors after suspecting them of rebellion. However, there is another true traitor in the midst.
  • Episode 8: Not Even If You Kill Us All – Part 2 – The Rookie, along with Royal Army Officers Gwynn and Keaghan, take a much closer inspection of Ainle at dusk and discover a hidden Catacomb, revealing the Royal Army and Pontiff's Court's true heresy.
  • Episode 9: The Song of Doom – With the Pontiff's Court announcing that the Rookie and Royal Army Officer Keaghan are wanted fugitives, they retreat to Colhen and seek aid from the Silent Brotherhood where they reveal that the masterminds of the Pontiff's Court, the Fomorians, and the Lizardmen are devising a much more sinister plan in the depths of Rocheste's Sewers: Albey, a place where time stood still.
  • Episode 10: God Slayer – With Tieve's ascension to Erinn draws near, her best friend Keaghan grows desperate and tries to stop it. He attempts to bring forth Erinn by killing Elchulus, the God of the Fomors, in order to break the seal that separates both worlds, but he becomes an uncontrollable God in the process. Episode 10 marks the final piece of Season 1, with the descent of the Goddess finally arriving.
  • Epilogue: Memories – With Tieve and Keaghan gone and becoming the Goddess Morrighan and the God of Fomors Cichol respectively, and paradise finally arriving, time reverts to the beginning of Season 1 as if no one had ever met the Rookie or ever knew the existence of those who died or had disappeared. "Wouldn't it be great if time really did stop? No more wars... no more broken-hearted farewells... Just quiet peace."

Season 2[edit]

Season 2 is an alternative storyline that branches off from Season 1 and requires the player to first complete Season 1 in order to start. The player must restart the game in order to begin Season 2. The player is told of a distant island named Malina, where they can relax in luxury. However, this relaxation isn't so relaxing as it seems, for they must rummage through pirates and new bands of monsters.

  • Episode 1: Coffer Chasers – The Rookie is informed by Colhen's Treasure Hunter Shayla of a magnificent island named Malina where they can engorge themselves on pirate riches. They then get acquainted with Shayla's old friends on the island while trying to enlist in the Treasure Hunting Guild known as the Coffer Chasers. However, in order to do that, they must overcome Jungle Trolls of Crescent Moon Island and the Sirens and Cursed Pirates of a Ship Graveyard, all while facing the Jungle Troll's Snake God Lakoria and the Siren's Sea Devil Kraken.
  • Episode 2: Twilight Desert – The Rookie's next adventure leads them to the Twilight Desert, a once former kingdom that had disintegrated into this vast wasteland, now filled with Grim Reapers and Guardian Soldiers. However, the desert and its secrets are much more than it appears to be. The Rookie must stop Iset, princess of the desert who awakened after several hundred years long slumber, from restoring the former kingdom while facing her lover and guardian Havan, who was resurrected by Iset using the magic of a death mask.
  • Episode 2 Extra: The Grim Reaper – Following the events of Twilight Desert, the Rookie is informed of a powerful grim reaper called Pantheum who didn't fall to rest even after the defeat of Iset and Havan.
  • Episode 3: Secrets of the Crystals – Kean and the Rookie investigate a mine enriched with mana-infused stones, but also with Gremlins and magically-powered Woodmen. Meanwhile, Kean remembers something about his older brother and the Woodmen.
  • Episode 4: Unbeliever's Paradise – Part 1 – The Pontiff's Court makes a move on Malina to destroy the "Destiny Stone", setting a series of events that results Milo's death and the Rookie trying to save him. A hidden connection between the Pontiff's Court and Milo and Allysse is revealed.
  • Episode 4: Unbeliever's Paradise – Part 2 – On the Rookie's journey to save Milo with Allysse and Enzo, the God of Death, Cromm Cruaich, refuses to return Milo and forces Enzo, revealed to be his servant, to fight them.
  • Epilogue – With Allysse accepting her destiny as the Destiny Stone and disappearing, time once again reverts to the beginning of Season 2, where no one remembers the Rookie or Milo or ever knew the existence of those who died. The Rookie and Milo then reminisce of everything that had happened before parting ways.

Season 3[edit]

The third season follows the events after Season 1 and 2. Due to the memory loss induced in the previous seasons, the Rookie must reacquaint themselves with their allies, but unexpected twists occur.

  • Prologue: Paradise of Oblivion – The Crimson Blades and the Royal Army launch a full-scale assault on the Fomors, leaving the Rookie to guard Rocheste in their absence. A mysterious creature named Muir attacks the city, and after its defeat, it asks them about the memories that only they retained. The humans return from the assault, but the Rookie discovers that Aodhan, Marrec, and Riordan are missing and no one remembers them. Their investigation brings them to Cichol, who asks them if destiny meant if they would repeat the same choices even if it meant losing everything.
  • Episode 1: Path of the Hero – Realizing the only way to get answers is with Muir's help, the Rookie releases him from Rocheste, where the Silent Brotherhood reluctantly takes him in after discovering he was formerly human. Muir suffers from memory loss and he tells the Rookie that his memories lie in Ben Chenner, a mountain that was forgotten since Morrighan's sealing, where mysterious corrupted Wood Elves roam around.
  • Episode 2: A Mountain of Ash – Continuing to traverse Ben Chenner, the Rookie and Muir discover remnants of the past, including coming across Milo and Iset.


The name was changed from Mabinogi Heroes to Vindictus in North America and Europe. Vindictus is said to be derived from two words: "Vindicate" (maintain, uphold, or defend, or clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting proof) and "Vindictive" (having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge). Nexon America, Nexon's North American division, announced the new name on March 12, 2010, at the Game Developers' Conference.[1] Originally, the game was titled Invictus, but due to an error from an intern, it became Vindictus.

Vindictus uses the Source engine to allow players to interact extensively with the environment. Environmental objects can be destroyed or picked up and wielded as weapons. Networking for game play involves using ProudNet. Combat was described as "kind of brutal, like a bullfight, or Monster Hunter" and requiring a lot of teamwork.[2]


On July 19, 2009, a Mabinogi Heroes Open Beta promotional video was released in South Korea, followed by the release of Mabinogi Heroes itself. The Mabinogi Heroes open release page has been launched and the game itself was "premiere launched" (e.g. accessible to the Internet café users only) on December 16, 2009. The game was opened to the home user/player on January 21, 2010.

North America[edit]

Promotion at E3 2010
Promotion at E3 2011

During the Penny Arcade Expo 2009, it was announced that Mabinogi Heroes, along with Dragon Nest and Crazy Arcade will be released by Nexon America in 2010.[3] In early March 2010, Nexon America officially revealed the North American release of Mabinogi Heroes at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco. According to the announcement, the name of the game had been changed to Vindictus in North America. The game was scheduled for a Q4 2010 release (October–December). On April 28, 2010, the Vindictus teaser website was launched on the Nexon America portal site. An updated game trailer as well as summaries of the game's story, characters and gameplay were available. In April 2010, the game's revised logo for the North American release was revealed on the game's official Facebook page.[4] The logo consisted of a stylized "V" done in a Celtic knot pattern over the word "Vindictus". The artwork for the logo is distinctive from the original Mabinogi Heroes and to date has not been used outside the North American market. The company also launched a "teaser" website that included updated information on aspects of the game including story characters, screenshots and various marketing materials.[5] Closed beta applications from Vindictus began on July 1 and ended on July 19, 2010. Closed beta began on August 10 and ended on August 24, 2010. Early access open beta began on September 15 and lasted until October 5. Previous closed beta testers have been granted early access to open beta. Closed beta testers have also been sent two early access beta keys to distribute and spread the word about Vindictus. Full open beta began on October 13, 2010.[6] The full launch of Vindictus occurred on October 27, 2010 which introduced the mage character Evie to the roster. As of October 2010, North American Vindictus has changed its Token System from a total of 100 tokens per week to 150 tokens per week due to complaints from the players. This change was brought out from meetings the Nexon Staff hosted in which players from Los Angeles were able to discuss the issues pertaining to the issue.[7] In April 2011, the token system was removed for a month and promised another token-free month if the Vindictus Facebook page reached 100,000 fans by May 25.[8][9] On May 27, the token system was removed "permanently – effective immediately" due to high game content and stable economy.[10]

Other regions[edit]

It was initially announced that Vindictus Europe (informal title) would be first released in Q4 2010, however the launch date has been postponed several times because of site management issues, insufficient funding and mainly because Nexon Europe did not have enough time to manage, maintain and update the game. It was finally revealed via a trailer at the official Vindictus Europe website in August 2011. Nexon Europe has stated that Europe would be receiving the eXtreme Edition of the game.[11] Europe is the first region to not receive the Premiere Edition of the game, with a high percentage of European voters favouring the eXtreme edition shown during a poll set up on the official Facebook page of Vindictus Europe. The service area of Vindictus Europe covers all European countries except Russia, as was stated in the note of closed beta news.[12] During September 2, 2011, closed beta keys were released on the Vindictus Europe Facebook page, which granted access to the Vindictus Europe Closed Beta Test. Closed Beta Test ran from September 16 to September 19, 2011. "Pre-Launch" of Vindictus began on 28 September. The game was officially launched on October 5, 2011. In October 2011, the game's Item Shop (also known as Depot) has opened. Players are now able to charge their accounts with Nexon Cash and buy useful things which help in the game.[13]

The game is also available for China and Taiwan as Mabinogi Heroes, as it is originally in Korea. As of November 2012, the North American server opened to Australia and Mexico.[14] There is no global English server, and people who are not in North America and Europe are IP blocked.

eXtreme Edition[edit]

On July 15, 2010, an alternative version of Mabinogi Heroes was announced for Korea. It is known as the eXtreme Edition, and often referred to as Mabinogi Heroes XE and abbreviated MHXE. Based on existing high-quality movements in Mabinogi: Heroes Premiere, Mabinogi: Heroes XE presents splendid and unrestrained movements more in line with the public's taste. mStarting from April 24, 2014, Nexon Korea merged XE and Premiere servers and remove XE features, due to underpopulation of XE server and unstable connection on both. Only the Chinese and European versions have XE.

Compared with Mabinogi Heroes Premiere, Mabinogi Heroes XE has the following major differences:[15] a combo system has been added: if players succeed in attacking the enemy continuously without being interrupted, they will gain combo points; on normal difficulty, Bosses are slower and are a lot easier to dodge; "hero" mobs appear in all difficulties; boss HP can be viewed in all difficulties as opposed to normal only in Premiere; players have a lot more stamina; players will automatically sprint with no stamina costs; normal attacks will use stamina as opposed to halting stamina regain; and certain skills had their function changed.


Vindictus was nominated for best MMO at E3 2010 that was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 14 to 17. IGN awarded Vindictus Best Free-to-Play MMO Game of 2010.[16]


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